Regenerative Culture

Tracking & Awareness Tracking animals, humans, clouds and anything else. Social Technology Mentoring, team-building, communication, etc. Birthing & Caring for Children Midwifery, breast-feeding, continuum concept stuff. Health, Healing & Movement Rewilding your diets, work-outs, martial arts, yoga... all that jazz. The Fabulous Forager discussions on primitive beauty tips Resistance A place to discuss resistance to civilization, and post calls for above ground direct-action. Dangers & Risks From poisonous plants to lethal lawmen; dangers and risks of rewilding. Language & Oral Tradition Ideas for changing the ways we communicate. Relationships, Partnerships & Sexuality Help rewilding with our loved ones. Music, Art & Creativity music and instruments, visual art, dance Allyship This is a place to discuss allyship between people of different cultures. A prime example would be Native Americans and non-Native Americans living in the Americas. Spiritual Technology Talking with "other-than-human" people.
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