Protecting Tribal and Indigenous Peoples


Has anyone heard of this (incredible!) organization before?


Yes, they do important work. Their director Stephen Corry has written a lot of important articles defending indigenous people against the conscious or unconscious racial slurs made against them by western commentators, including intellectuals who should know better like Jared Diamond and Stephen Pinker. See:



I actually read that article a few days before posting, & I can’t help but wonder how Stephen Corry feels about the demise of the industrial world.

To me this reinforces the double-bind we face as rewilders. If we miraculously succeed in giving up our computers & industrial-based livelihoods in exchange for the freedom of putting “primitive” skills & (neo?)tribalism to the test, then who will give a voice to our tribal “family” around the globe? Surely these “savages” are the best teachers of the sustainable living we want to “recreate”, as well as those with the best odds of surviving the collapse of our doomed societies.

The marrow in my bones screams for me to get out of the Civ, but am I not morally obligated to exploit the privileged position I was born with? Ten bags of flax to the wo/man who can devise a way to do both.


I think we are, yes. Don’t know how Corry and SI feel about it though… On the other hand if the entire western world were to ‘put “primitive” skills & (neo)tribalism to the test’ then other tribes wouldn’t need anyone to speak up on their behalf (or help spread their message) because the west would no longer be exerting its genocidal pressure by stealing their lands & resources. But that’s not going to happen any time soon…

No easy answers as you say, I’m afraid!