Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Spiritual Technology

Talking with "other-than-human" people.

Communities of Rewilding

For intentional, unintentional, urban and rural communities who support and welcome rewilding.

Rewilding Mind & Heart

How do we rewild our mind & hearts?


Everything you need to know about rewilding and this forum.

Grief & Praise

Spill your tears and speak your words of beauty and woe.

Health, Healing & Movement

Rewilding your diets, work-outs, martial arts, yoga... all that jazz.

Flora Food & Medicine

Gathering, foraging and preparing plant people.

Rewild Camps, Events & Meet-ups

A place to talk about skills-shares, etc.


Constructing and maintaining structures, containers, and clothing.

Visions of the Rewilding Renaissance

Stories, inspirations, news, media, and ideas on the rewilding movement.

Social Technology

Mentoring, team-building, communication, etc.

Media Reviews & Recommendations

Books, movies, comics, video games, etc.

Language & Oral Tradition

Ideas for changing the ways we communicate.


This is a place to discuss allyship between people of different cultures. A prime example would be Native Americans and non-Native Americans living in the Americas.

Fauna Food

Hunting, trapping and preparing animal people.

Music, Art & Creativity

music and instruments, visual art, dance


Harvesting, shaping & using wood.

Relationships, Partnerships & Sexuality

Help rewilding with our loved ones.


A place to discuss resistance to civilization, and post calls for above ground direct-action.


Gathering, collecting, containing and purifying water.

Stone & Bone

Smashing, cracking and flaking stones & bones.


Starting, maintaining & using fire.


Anything else about tools.

Tracking & Awareness

Tracking animals, humans, clouds and anything else.


Discussions and suggestions for REWILD FORUM.

Seasonal & Bioregion Strategies

Where and when to do and get what?

Dangers & Risks

From poisonous plants to lethal lawmen; dangers and risks of rewilding.

Birthing & Caring for Children

Midwifery, breast-feeding, continuum concept stuff.

Common Misconceptions

People often have misconceptions about rewilding. Let's talk about them here.

The Fabulous Forager

discussions on primitive beauty tips


Ways of interacting with the land such as horticulture, permaculture, seedballs, swales, etc.

Transition Tech

Stuff that we will have for a little while longer like: bikes, solar, black-smitthing, etc.

The Humanure Bucket

For posts that moderators mark as inappropriate for the purposes of the forum.