Rewilding trance (dance)


Who is working on rewilding this kind of thing or has experience with a rewilded version of it (meaning an experiment done by people who have no direct experience with this kind of practice)?

What are your findings so far?


Ever have the opportunity to attend a PowWow? Granted it isn’t at the same level as the video, although for me it holds value. Sweat lodge is accessible in many areas and I look forward to an invitation to partake in a Blackfeet led sweat here in NW Montana.

I always liked Andrew Zimmermans sense of adventure and tenacity in setting a positive tone for others. What the video is mostly speaking to for the westerner, in my opinion, is the power of Ubuntu (tribal communion) which is our roots. Not so much shamanism. In my opinion. :slight_smile:


I’m also looking into this kind of experience, but from what I understand its a community ritual, and so far I’m still figuring this out on my own. Many European based pagan groups use ritual dance, but I’ve never found a group that does ecstatic dance to this extent.