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the descendants
the mythographers - the mythweavers
the spirit guides
the tall tale tellers - talltaletellers
the story yellers


Oh, I like “The Lightning Trees.” :slight_smile:


The lightning struck
River of Sanity
Riders on the Storm (50 points to who ever gets the reference first:))
Sankofa - We are Sankofa


What, The Doors song? Who doesn’t remember that?


Sorry, most of my friends don’t have the same reference point in time as you do :).




So should we say we are doing PTA and change the poll to be about names instead?


id say yes to that! Now to gives us a name, cant we make that a storynaming-ritual? Create a name once we find our story-selves? Say after 1 or two sessions of play centered around such an issue perhaps?


Yeah it night make more sense to find a name after a session or two, though I don’t know exactly what you mean by centering the session around the idea of creating a name (is that what you mean?).

That means that next order of business is to set a date for the session, and figure out how we are going to do it. Do people want skype or play by post


Sunday or Saturday (anytime) would work best for me.


this sunday would work for me, before 3:00 mountain time or after 6:00 mountain time. However, no other weekends this month work for me.

I think skype would work best

Should I make a poll for the names now, and then people can vote later if they want?


Hello, timeless, willem, jason, giulianna? Is anyone out there?


This weekend, I said goodbye to the land that raised me. Next weekend I’ll spend at a wilderness activism conference that Friends of Allegheny Wilderness has put together. But the weekend after that, Sunday could work.


What do you mean you said goodbye to the land that raised you? (sorry for prying, if that’s what I’m doing)

I sympathize being busy, this weekend was my freest this month, and I still am really busy. I wonder if any week nights would work.


I could work with week nights.

The land … that involves a lot of family matters, and a very fresh wound. I’ll probably talk about it openly in time, but … not tonight.


Hey there Matt ! think you’ll have to count me out on this one, sunday(todaY) i’ll be going out gathering plants with friends so i wont be available. Also i wont go trough all the trouble to join in on a story played trough skype because of timezone differences and the organizational problems that would create. Besides that i use a computer that stands in the middle of a livingroom thats used alot so idont see that working out for me when i have to talk trough skype and all that. So sorry for all that, but im sure you’ll get a game started soon. Good luck!

hmm maybe i should take my vote back?


hey - yeah. well, start an account at and let’s pick the best date. you’ll need our emails i think - you can pm us. sorry i have a lot of stuff going on right now, i can’t help plan it just now.


Tonight at 6pm PST right?


yes, I don’t have the rule book yet, but I figure we can work around that right?

You got the email that my skype name was verdant.matt right?


yeah I did added you