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[DitV] Comprehensive Alternate Setting Thread…

For the curious.


That alternate setting thread had gotten me stoked, definitely confirmed my support for dogs in the vineyard, really neat idea to switch it up just enough. Should we play the standard first just once though, to get the idea?

Anyway, ideas for setting:

Not too far in the future where the map has begun to open but some people are still holding on to civilization. Set in an opne map pocket where people have begun to fend for themselves, but there is still distant influence of some kind of gov. For towns, some could be tribes, some could be horticulture villages. ‘dogs’ are dedicated to the gods of the land, trying to stop people succumbing to control of remnant civilization and instill values of the land.

I don’t know definitely room for improvement, and we may not even play DitV, but still, I had to get that out there.


I don’t know if that setting would really work the way you think–the rules really challenge the Dogs’ faith. So if the Dogs defend the land, then the game would focus mainly on questioning the validity or existence of the land as a living thing…


Okay, thanks for pointing that out, I said it could use improvement, and I really don’t know the game that well, I kind of just got excited and not much thinking was involved :).

Then again, maybe that would be interesting… anyway, it was just a brainstorm


Oh, don’t feel discouraged. It made for a good thought. I had something like that in mind for a FATE game, actually.


Hmm. Yes, the Dogs rules really kinda confuse me. I don’t have any idea how to ‘hack’ them, because the game seems to offer this kind of morality testing, adjudicating, fundamentalism.

Ironically, it would probably do great when used for Jedi in a Star Wars setting. Pretentious pricks. It gladdens my heart, like the smell of fresh laundry, that the Sith did them in.

Bed. Time.


I wasn’t discouraged, like I said, it was just brainstorming :).

Yeah, its exactly this sort of thing that drew me to Dogs in the first place. I could see how this could make it difficult to hack though, becuase you have to put the dogs in a position that objviouslky has two sides, otherwise there is no interesting story. If we do decide on dogs, it might be really helpful to play it normally just for one session to get the feel of that dynamic.


I’ll take part in this, though I must warn you all that I’m very quiet and shy. So you might hear from me rarely and you also might have trouble hearing me. But I mainly want to participate in this story game to make myself more outgoing, so I will be making an effort to speak more loudly and more often.

My vote goes for Primetime Adventures, just because I’ve always fantasized about having my own TV show. Oh, and Jason and I explored the possibility of playing PTA in order to write a new, satisfactory ending to Jericho. (RIP) ;D


So many people… I never thought that this idea would gather so much momentum, this is awesome :). I think we have seven people now, any more and we might have to split into two groups (assuming everyone who posted interest is still in).

Maybe the reason I’m not really drawn to PTA is that I don’t watch much TV (nothing expect stargate… geek, where? :)).


stargate + dogs in the vineyard = dogs trough the stargate? stargate in the vineyard? anyway sounds pretty fun to me…

If we do decide on dogs, it might be really helpful to play it normally just for one session to get the feel of that dynamic.

I agree!

I'll take part in this

No way! Awesome! I look forward to it!


I’ve got no problem with PTA, either. Glad to hear I didn’t discourage you, Matt; sometimes I come off a bit strong. I’ve tried to do better of late. I’ve never played in a game with seven people, though I’ve heard stories. Always good stories, though, so I feel very excited about the opportunity!


The vote gap is narrowing…

I’m really excited too, there is so much potential here. I wonder if we should just close the voting on all options besides PTA and dogs in the vineyard, seeing as no-one has showed much interest in anything else yet and that might help people make a choice.


Is any one still interested, are we still going to do this?


Far as I know. We feel ready to close the polling and move from planning to action?

(I just changed my vote to PTA :))


I don’t know, there are still a few people who voiced their interest but haven’t voted yet (must get more votes for dogs - must get more votes for dogs! :)).

One of fenris, neighbour scout, and timeless, one has voted, but I don’t know who. Are you guys (speaking to the two of those three who haven’t voted) still interested?


I didn’t vote but interested


hey there, had a busy weekend didnt have much of a chance to leave some comments. I did vote and voted dogs already couple of days ago but wasnt explicit about it. PTA is fine with me too perhaps a little easier to start with.


So you’re good with whatever is decided upon? (If you’ve got a vote to throw around, dogs is MUCH better than PTA - just kidding :))

That’s cool, everyone’s busy sometimes. PTA might be easier, and it looks like that is what we’ll probably be playing.

Earlier, Jason mentioned the idea of giving ourselves a name to inaugurate our story band. Any one got any ideas?

Jason mentioned the idea of giving ourselves a name to inaugurate our story band. Any one got any ideas?

The Lightning Trees (in honor of the internet, webs, tree-networks, electricity, and the irony of telling story in a dangerous place (where lightning struck a tree)?).

The Rewild.informers? (self-evident)

The Rewild Childs.

I now declare it your turn. Throw one out! We can do a poll once we have enough ideas. :slight_smile: