Must-see Media, IMHO


thanks singanothertime for pointing out eddie vedders cover of society to me. I have Into the Wild sitting on my hard disk for awhile already but somehow im holding off. Im listening to the song now and i really feel the moving pictures move inside me. Im gonna watch it soon !


a good film demonstrating some good traditional storytelling is “Ten Canoes.” it takes place among the aboriginals of australia. it’s a story about the ancestors of one particular band… a great compelling and oftentimes funny tale. check it out if you get the chance.


In my teens I watched the film “The Emerald Forest”, which has somehow inspired me to go beyond civilized thinking and more to the roots of where we come from. It´s definitely a must see…it is from 1985 and the plot is in the Brazil rainforest.
Check out:


What about Hook? Watching this again two years ago it hit me strongly.


And who can forget Fern Gully (from around the same time as Hook). I certainly can’t…I watched it so much when I was 10 that I have most of the lines memorized.


“Hard Sun” has been in steady rotation in my iPod for weeks now. Vedder was practically born to do that soundtrack.


For all you Selkie lovers, “The Secret of Roan Innish” is a great movie. Especially if you like Irish music.


INSANELY GOOD movie, you mean! :slight_smile:

jimmy! come baaaaaack! :slight_smile:


just saw khadak, it was good.
it’s about nomadic pastoralists being displaced by a false flag event in mongolia


Watched one of my favorite movies with my niece yesterday. Into the West, not the TV mini-series, an Irish film with Gabriel Byrne. It’s about two young boys who are Travellers (Irish Gypsies). Great rewilding theme to it.


Yeah! Scout used to own that movie. I’ve watched it loads of times. :slight_smile: In fact, you can find an awesome essay online about it, which I blogged about some time ago:

The essay concerns “[the] primary act of imperial (and therefore civilized) violence, that of closing the map, and the quest of the colonized to reclaim their native geography and cultural imagination.”

Anyway, great recommendation Billy.


I watched The Education of Little Tree again the other night. Another great movie with a rewilding theme. The book is really good too.

Orphaned boy in the depression years is sent to live with his grandparents in Appalachia. They live back in the hills. Grandpa is a white guy moonshiner and grandma is Cherokee… you’ll have to find out the rest for yourself.


today i thought about tropical melady .

we talkt about it preparing for a camp. too boys loving each other fears in the nights. a shaman a a tiger. meet the worrior . today civ meet the past myths.


Unfortunately, The Education of Little Tree is a hoax written by a white supremacist with almost nothing authentically Cherokee in it, and is generally despised by actual Cherokee. Giuli wrote a really thorough article about all this a while back, called “The Fabrication of Little Tree.”


Thanks Jason and Giuli. Disappointing, but interesting.


Just watched ‘Snow Walker’ on Hulu, pretty good movie, definitely recommend it.


I’m just watching some Animees. Princess Mononoke of course, and Nausicaa are great (also recommend other animes from that makers). What I watch right now is “Arjuna” - its more for younger folks probably and a bit blunt in its message :wink: - Still I like it (IMDB:7.6). It is a series with several episodes with the typical japanese “superability-heroe” theme, just in this case it is completely about a panthesistic worldview and critique on industrial civilization. I especially liked the permaculture garden of the man in the mountain.
If you - eh - borrow it, make sure you watch the parts after the credits also, I missed them at first :wink:

Also some documentaries of interest:
“Food Inc.” (About where american food comes from)
“Gasland” (on the horrible effects of hydraulic fracturing on the watersheds)
“HOME” (general environmentalist - quite good with beautiful pictures)
“Dead Society”
“What a way to go” (white industrialized male coming to grips)
“End:Civ” (in the making…)


I just saw an extraordinary French Sci-Fi movie from 2007 called “Eden Log” (Trailer: It’s also available with English dubbing (or subs).

For me it is a really good allegory for the abusive civilization we live in. In the end of the movie the solution is a radical reconnection to nature.

The movie has a very dark ambience and I got reminded of the old computer game “System Shock 2” and the “Alien” movies with Sigourney Weaver.

It’s a very thrilling movie because at the beginning the main character awakes in the darkness with amnesia. The viewer (& the main character of course) has no clue what’s it all about. The story is reveiled bit by bit…


The Animals of Farthing Wood! Outstanding series, spanning three seasons with 13 episodes each. Begin watching here:


[quote=“Raindance, post:4, topic:191”]I LOVE Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away!!

How about Atanarjuat, The Fast Runner.[/quote]

I credit the movie Princess Mononoke with convincing me to break up with my ex girlfriend. I didn’t see how badly I was being treated until that movie reminded me of a couple things, namely, the greatness of nature and what it’s like to not have a parasitic pro-civ partner making everything miserable.

So yeah, I quite like that movie. I’ll check out one of the others…