Must-see Media, IMHO


James Cameron’s AVATAR!!!

Nuff said! :stuck_out_tongue:


Labyrinth was inspirational for me in the 80s, still a fun movie.

Has anyone else seen Dark Days? The trailer makes it seem like it is all bleak, but there is actually a lot of humor and friendship in it.


There’s some fun stuff in My Dinner With Andre, which I just found in full for free online:


Thanks for that, Mindy - read an excerpt from it in a book just the other day, so nice to sit down and watch the whole thing. Lots of really great stuff in there, and v. well acted. Daring to strip the backdrop of a nearly 2hr film to just a conversation between two people over dinner. Difficult to imagine that happening nowadays!



Adaptation (2002) written by Charlie Kaufman is one of my favourite movies, it’s partly about a successful journalist from New York who has a lot of intellectual friends but she’s not happy and she gradually learns from a man who knows a lot about plants who she’s interviewing. Definitely related to rewilding in a way. Other works by Charlie kaufman are also worth checking out, especially Synecdoche, New York.