Pretty sure I already posted on this forum,
But I’m struggling so hard with breaking from civilization. I’m 25,female. Have a degree in graphic design. Worked in advertising for 2 years. I had to look up motivational quotes everyday just to survive. Getting fired was the best relief ever! My boss said he could tell my heart wasn’t in it…Correct! I have some farming experience now over the past couple years. It’s closer to my ideal life. But not quite sustainable. I’m living with my mother in Florida now, looking for work that doesn’t completely suck, or a new escape/adventure. I know I want to live more primitive, but I need to find someone willing to take me in and teach the skills. I’m patient and hard working. Willing to do what it takes…just dont know where to start. And yes I’m reading Ishmael… I forget the exact quote, but Quinn states something like-
even if you realize you’re trapped in society you cant do anything because we are already in prison…
I feel connected to that. I dont want to leave my family, but they are so blind that they wont change their lives. And it drives me insane just being around them.
Anyways…if you need a hand and have patience with a newbie. Let me know!


Welcome! Hope you find some inspiration here. :smiley:


The forest calls home once again…

I’m Cody, 21, male. I’ve never felt at home in society. I’ve left three colleges, held nine jobs in four years, and have no idea what I want to do with my life.

Wait, yes I do, that’s why I’m here.

I’m brushing up my skills on primitive living. Unfortunately, the DFW Metroplex isn’t the most natural area, so I’m mainly just gathering information for now. My modus operandi would be a semi-nomadic lifestyle in a U.S. National Forest or BLM Land, preferably with a small group. I’d like to get some practical experience under my belt with bushcraft, hunting, et cetera, before I set off into the wilderness.

My depression has been hitting me hard, lately, especially as those around me don’t understand the whole “rewild” concept. A few days in Alaska hiking over Christmas break made me realize what I truly want.

Always looking for friends and fellow adventurers! PM me!


Hi Cody, good to have you at this campfire. Warm yourself and share your stories, or listen to others’.


Is this thing on? Not sure if these forums are still active, but I hope so! I’m from Texas, but living in Bolivia right now. First got introduced to these ideas living and working on a farm outside of Waco that teaches sustainable agriculture and international development. I read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn and then the other two in the trilogy and haven’t stopped going down the rabbit hole since.


Welcome! What books/authors are you planning on going on to next?


Welcome! Fellow Texan here!


Shout out to the other Texan(s) here! I am currently reading Move Your DNA and working on moving towards a furniture free house. We live in the city and I am often at a desk, but trying to make more opportunities to move and not just exercise! I also just finished the MaddAddam Trilogy by Margaret Atwood. Highly recommend!

Against the Grain by James C. Scott is probably next on my list since I have it already. Trying to read what I have before I buy more!! Hard to get English books here in Bolivia so using a Kindle to read most books.

I actually looked for a thread on book recommendations to add some to my list! Lots of good new finds!


Hey there!
Love Katy Bowman!
It is a struggle to work at a desk all day and have hope for a more sustainable future.
Have you read any Michael Pollan books?Omnivore’s Dilemma is great.
Have you looked into MovNat classes? the website will direct you to local certified instructors.
Good luck in the rabbit hole


Yes! Read (or maybe listened) to Omnivore’s Dilemma many years ago. It was very formative for me in thinking about our relationship to our food.

I’m currently living in Bolivia so probably not going to find local MovNat classes, but I do a lot of walking in normal life here. I’ve been enjoying the rabbit hole for quite a while. I find it just keeps going and there’s more tunnels to explore.