I found this site bc I searched for “graduates of Bolad’s Kitchen” on Google. I was looking for more specific and personal info about the school, as I seem to be headed there. I have never heard of this re-wilding. The more I read of this site, the more it seems to be describing the alternate life I’ve lived for years in my imagination, which, though I’ve caught glimpses of a few people managing to live it in physical reality, I’ve felt stumped as to how to shift my own life into this alternate reality. And here are all these people on this site, apparently full of ideas and experiences of doing just that. Cool.

I am a 54 yr old mom of 6 grown children. Over 20 yrs ago, I followed my husband’s work trail from pastoral Northern Idaho to urban New England, where we still live. Ironically, I grew up in the Alaskan bush, in a subsistence lifestyle, and New England was only the stuff of stories to me. Literally. I read lots of books, and many of my faves were historic tales of the European colonization and settlement periods of NewEngland. The consolation “prize” for having to live in a place where my patch of ground is actually the size of a patch, was being in the midst of all this history and story.

I did not know I would put down such deep roots to the land itself, or fall so deeply in love with its plants, water, and bones. I have no desire to ever leave here, but I very much want to live more simply, with more rhythmic connection to the land itself, and less pavement, gasoline, and hustle.

I practice a form of healing the soul, which some might call “indigenous”, though I’m not at all sure I understand all the ways that word is used. I wish to remain accessible to as many needy, lost, and hungry souls as is best, to offer the medicine of the beautiful and noble “weeds” that grow in our vacant lots, neglected bits of dirt, or out of cracks in the concrete skin of urbanity, to all who feel the call to it. If I tuck myself too comfortably out of the way, as I might like to do, those who most need what the plants so generously offer, might never find it. So I’m looking for a way to be here, and not here, I suppose. I’m deeply interested in the experiences, questions, and knowledge the people here have to share.