My name is Steve. I’m a 44 year old man who’s had enough of regular life and it’s people. I’m looking to move to Eastern Washington next year in April to start a rewild lifestyle. I would like to communicate with you Steveon the area and legal issues of this. Any information you can give me is more than I already have. Please contact me and we can exchange info. I appreciate any and all help in my search for peaceful and free living.



After flirting around with rewilding for a while, my husband is going to become a guide, and I am working to become an herbalist. We are currently living in Kentucky in an area that was called “Blackened Forest” (translated) by the Natives… we are working towards living in Montana.


Hello everyone, my name is Ana. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and unfortunately am still living here. I’ve been interested in rewilding for many years, but haven’t yet had the chance to learn any primitive skills or rewild my life. What sparked my interest in rewilding is my depression that I’ve suffered with my whole life. I always felt like I just didn’t fit into society. I was always a misfit. I’ve always been a free thinker who questions all social norms and pretty much everything in life. When I was a child, my parents always told me “you have to study hard to get good grades so you can get into college and then get a degree so you can get a good job”. Even at a young age, this seemed strange to me. I always hated school and hated studying (I was diagnosed with ADHD…another disease that I don’t believe even exists. After all, it’s normal for kids to be hyper and have short attention spans. It’s not natural for kids to sit in desks for 8 hours per day. They’re supposed to run around outside all day and explore). Anyway, my depression really got bad when I was a teenager. I did not want the future my parents wanted for me. I did not want the life society expects of me. It made me depressed to know that one day I’m going to have an unfulfilling job sitting in a cubicle for 40+ hours per week being a wage slave. Just the thought of that kind of future literally made me want to kill myself and I still feel that way now in my late 20’s. I’ve been in and out of college for years. I can’t stick to school. I can’t keep a job. I can’t stick to a mundane routine even when I try. I just can’t function in modern society. It makes me feel claustrophobic and suffocated. I hate that I have to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way just so I can survive. I don’t want to conform to the status quo. My parents don’t understand me, especially my father. He’s very upset that I did not turn out the way he wanted me to. I don’t blame him because it’s not easy having to support your child well into their 20’s, but it’s not my fault I’m different. It’s not my fault I can’t function in the current structure of our society. The only time I don’t feel depressed is when I’m out in nature. Most of the time, I have no will to do anything. I can go days without a shower. I have no interest in anything in life. I always feel numb. But when I go for a hike, I feel ALIVE! I just want to return to nature like my ancestors. I want to learn how to forage for edible plants. I want to learn how to grow my own fruits and vegetables. I want to learn how to live off the land. I want to learn primitive skills. I someday want to buy a cheap piece of land, build a modest cabin on it, and become fully self reliant. I’d also like to meet a likeminded man to start a wild family with. I’d love to give my children the childhood I didn’t have. I’d love to unschool them. I’d love to teach them survival skills. I’d love to let them run free, play, and explore all day long like they’re meant to. Hopefully this community will give me inspiration to somehow make my dreams come true.


Hi Ana–

I have no specific information to offer because I too am struggling with the “exactly what do I do” ramifications of knowing for sure that I don’t fit in with the civilization, and don’t want to, and realizing that the whole world has become so sickened and damaged that the options for living a wholesome, wild life are not what they were for those ancestors you mention. I just felt moved to offer simple encouragement, by emphasizing that your clear realization that you cannot fit in with the civilization is a huge asset. Those who have found ways of being comfortable by fitting in, I believe, are not as fortunate as you because you can never do what they do and so must continue trying to find ways to extricate yourself from the physical and psychological dependence on the machine that has been trained into all of us since infancy. I believe that easing one human at a time (each of us our own self) out of participation in the destruction is the most basic thing that any of us can do for the earth. The challenge may prove to be bigger than you had thought (it certainly has for me, and I am way older than you), but also more exciting and so very worthwhile.

I guess this will serve as my own introduction as I too am new here, though I have lurked a lot. My name is Eileen. I am currently living in a very urban area, and my inspiration is the weed people, both plants and animals–dandelions, cockroaches, et al.: those who refuse to recognize the civilization’s preposterous claim to “owning” any part of this earth, and who bring wildness to the places that civilized people work so hard to maintain as exclusively their own, cut off from the flow of life in the world.

“I like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It’s so fuckin’ heroic.”
–George Carlin, Brain Droppings


Brown Hat, the Espresso Shaman, of the Big Drum in the Sky Religion. I scream that all religions are true when they are understood as metaphor and the same is true of rewilding. Yes, of course I wanna see wolves running in Virginia, but I’m more interested in rewilding hearts and minds. We’re never going to “go back” to an idealized pre-industrial world. We can go forward into a wilder, freer and more egalitarian world in which we love and honor the spirits in each other and the other creatures around us. Then again, I’m fucking crazy.


Jeremiah, hitch hiker, restless, ever searching weirdo. Honest, truthful, ego crushing younger dude with a dog I’ve seen many miles with, small parcel land owner. Write, read, sober, exercise, forage, reborn hunter after dormancy, urban squirrel, trapper. Living with mom for time being. Pennsylvania rewilder Love to all.


Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more, @mikela-kles


@whimsicalwolf, welcome! I can relate to a lot of what you describe. I suspect you’ll find a lot of likeminded folks here.


Welcome, @bdsr666. :slight_smile:


Welcome, @Jeremiah. :slight_smile:


Hi people of the internet. I am not interested in going very wild in all senses of the word, just being free. And free is an either on or off thing, there is no such thing as “more freedoms”. Or so I think. I am interested in eprime but I forget to utilize it. I live in a nice place and have lots of good family and friends. I try to behave. I love religion. I could talk about religion a lot. I have insight. God gives me answers for I have starved in a certain way for such things. I already love you all. Shhhh do not tell anyone. I love memes too. Maybe I’ll share one. I am on an Odyssey and I will probably make it home.


Welcome here, ForgottenThings.


I feel welcome. Never been to a rodeo like this before.


Hello, my name Is Shanista, I live in northeast Oklahoma, I am a wife and mother, I spend most of my time “re-wilding” out doors and I make my own medicine and try to eat wild foods that are abundant (I am very conscious of wildlife and the earth). I am very real about things, and I prefer to do things myself and as natural and earth friendly as possible. I am constantly seeking knowledge. Peace.


Blair Butterfield, 35, Miami, FL and Central Vermont, woman, artist, mother, farmer rewilding!
I’m an artist who tries to reimagine the human relationship with Nature. I create moments of engagement through farming, playing, performance, ethnogrophies, story collecting, sound collecting and deep engagement. I’m still in process of discovering the best means to manifest this. I’m interested in regenerative culture and really exploring what this looks like, as we reimagine the future. It is, for me, a curative and healing process for both humans and Nature. Something that humans have known about and practiced before, but has lost touch with. I believe it lives in our intuition, but we are repressed, blocked and need to be released. (I believe this is possible for all no matter the societal constructs of class, race, geography)

I’m interested in starting a regenerative land lab for rewilding, I have a farm in Miami and also work with a larger farm in Randolph Vermont, where some programming could happen too. I want to find people to collaborate with and work on developing a rewilding and regenerative culture.

Looking forward to being apart of the conversations!


Howdy, fam.

I use to be a member of this site in another life (its other life, not mine), but I gave up on it during the cat-meme phase. Glad to see it’s grown since then.

Honestly, rediscovering this site & remembering there are other people “like me” out there has really squeezed some of the doom & fog out of my head. I can’t thank you all enough for existing. I know it can be a real challenge in this insane world sometimes.

I’m a student & full-time wage-slave precariously rooted in Northern Virginia. I’m currently homeless by choice & seeking the wisdom of the wind & the open road while saving up for a place to call humanity’s (none of this absurd my land/your land bs for me, thank you very much).

I dream of starting a massive food forest/rewilded community; a seed of a nation prepared to break away from our current arrangement as the Earth’s “civilized” parasites. So if anybody wants to go half-sies with me on ~60 acres in SW VA hit me up.
This could be the tribe’s:
11 year old homestead for $65,000

I look forward to learning from & sharing with you all.
Stay wild, my friends.

The effectiveness of our strategies for change

Hi Blair,
I like your effort in trying to bring back what we have lost in our culture.
I am from Sarasota, Fl and just had a farming experience in Vermont. Finishing up an internship in Colorado. It must be a challenge farming in Miami.
It would be great to help you out in anyway I can. Let me know more about what you are doing!
Thanks, Allie


Hi Ana,
Out of every post on here I most relate to all of what you have experienced.
I moved out of Florida to experience farming after being fired from an advertising job (said I lacked passion, which is true)…
I highly reccomend trying out farming. I used the wwoof organization to find a farm. Left everything behind and just headed out. Although it’s not technically rewilding, it is still a great skill to be able to grow food. And you get to be outside (more than you may care to be). But you acquire many human necessities that a desk job does not offer. Such as sunlight, being acclamated to natural sleeping patterns, serving an actual purpose of providing healthy food to people, physical labor ( no gym required). You will be so tired, you dont even care what you are “missing out on”, and an overall connection to the natural world.
At the farm I was on in vermont, the old school farmer even took us out to go foraging for ramps or wild leeks. Once you are in this community, people that have like interests will show up in your life.
Anyways, I also get stuck in the sociatial norms. Winter is coming and have no idea what to do. My family wants me to come back to Florida (where I feel suffocated by housing developments, commercial buildings and bad traffic). They just dont get “it”
If you want to talk more, message me!
All the best,


Hi! I’ve never actually posted a Intro post, even though I’ve had an account for a few years. I’m Jon, and I live on the North Shore of Lake Ontario. I’ve been flirting with rewilding for years, but it’s hard to detach from a civ lifestyle without a community. I have a little knowledge (I read a lot), but little practical experience. Currently, I’m working on trying to start hunting. I bought some land in Northern Ontario a few years ago, but my dreams of moving up there and starting a wildstead have proven much harder to accomplish.

I’m interested in Inter-sectional anti-oppressive practices, Permaculture, Hunting, Foraging, Bushcraft, Green-Anarchy, Intentional communities, Polyamory, and Rewilding spirituality: specifically the animistic and Earth worshiping practices of my own paleolithic ancestors, who lived in “Europe”. Unfortunately, our traditional knowledge has been forgotten, and the oldest (or reconstructed) traditions from Europe worship Deities from the agriculturist cultures that came later, so again I don’t have a community of people to practice with.

Anyways, that’s me. I’m a bit introverted, but I’m pretty friendly. I’m interested in making friends, especially with people who live close enough to meet in real life (Southern Ontario). Feel free to reach out if you think we share interests.