Welcome here, Cayenne&boyfriend and R. Hope you find some good conversations and signposts on this forum. Lots of food for thought anyway.


I’m new, very, very new to Rewilding. I heard about Rewild Portland when I was down in Portland last spring for a witch/majik conference. The idea really spoke to me as I have been interested in early civilisation and spirituality all of my life. I love working with my hands, I sew and do crafty things. I’ve always known that everything has a spirit, but didn’t always known how to put that into words for my fellow humans.
I’m currently living in a travel/camping trailer on a friend’s property in Sequim WA, but soon I will need to find another place. (In less than two weeks!) I have a dog and a cat who keep me excellent company. I’ve worked in the insurance industry since 2004.
Not sure what else to say. I’m super excited about being on this site! But wow, did not take the time to read all 800+ introductions and comments! I hope that’s not a problem?


hello rewilders :heart:

i’m joan. i’m currently living in tlingit territory on a sailboat in ketchikan, alaska. i was lucky to take a few eye-opening courses in two years of college that taught me to really question civilization. i couldn’t afford college anyway, and dropped out to live within intentional community. since finding their library (full of books on herbal medicine, natural building, etc), i’ve been working toward a rewilding, handmade, simple, ethical, honorable life. somewhere in there, i found @PeterMichaelBauer’s urban scout blog & found the term for my life dream. i’ve lived off-grid for most of the last decade, and have often lived without any electric, plumbing, phone, bank, etc. i’ve homesteaded (built cabins, raised animals, grown fruits & veggies) and have transitioned away from homesteading and toward a hunting/foraging focused life. i’ve done all this while working as few ‘normal’ jobs as possible, salvaging & scavenging, taking forever to get projects done because i refused to buy anything mass produced, and generally been a stubborn, idealistic madwoman.

my honey & i keep a blog at where i’ve shared our adventures. i love tanning hides, foraging, making baskets, working with fiber, and living remote in basic shelters year round. i love bathing in creeks, rivers, and lakes (even at -20) and hate being in modern buildings. i hate shoes & love doing messy projects. if there were a group of rewilding-focused people who had some land and were ready to make a go at community, i’d be there. i’ve lived in intentional communities most of my adult life, but they were all agriculture-focused. i’m desperate to connect my passion & experience of the physical aspects of rewilding with an actual, In Person, social culture.

edit: just read that i’m supposed to add my age. i’m 30. also added when i specifically learned about ‘rewilding’


Hello rewilding tribe,

My name is Alec, and as my handle states in an homage to Daniel Quinn’s “Ishmael”, I am very much at the beginning of this journey.

I grew up in South Carolina, where I was fortunate to have an early connection with nature through my father. It began as camping trips with my local Boy Scout troop that took me ocean kayaking along our shores, white water rafting in the Piedmont, and rock climbing in the upstate area and North Carolina. However, being the first born and lacking a rite of passage, I broke radically from the dogmatic approach of the Scouts and my Southern Baptist up-brining and became heavily entrenched in the writings of Peter Kropotkin and his views of anarcho-syndicalism and the local punk rock community. Like many, I was searching for a tribe that answered the questions I couldn’t shake.

I always had a creative undercurrent that manifested as a multi-instrumental musician and writer of narrative fiction, poetry, and essays. After failing out of my first high school and then transferring to become a photo journalist in a magnet program at a different school, I was absorbed into the theatre department and struck deeply that that was my Path. I took the next year off from school and worked professionally as an actor before attending conservatory at the North Carolina School of the Arts for acting. Those four years were incredibly expansive of my instrument as a human and as an artist and I think, in many ways, was the beginning of my rewilding journey (though that vocabulary was far from my library at that point). My voice, body, emotional life, spirit, and mind were being charged and challenged every day to unlearn what society had blocked in me and to express the truth as raw, open, and honestly as I could.

I graduated with agent representation on the East and West coast and began working immediately. I relocated to New York City and spent the next four years as a professional actor and writer off-Broadway, in independent film, and on regional stages. However, as I gained more success, I felt further from why I had joined that tribe: connection to others and to something larger and more meaningful than myself alone. Around my second year in the city, I connected with a filmmaker who often took camping trips. I had my gear shipped up and dusted off and from there on began taking trains up North to sleep in the forest in any weather. I would depart Sunday after a matinee and return to the theatre for a Tuesday night performance, begrudgingly washing the smells and soil of my journey off to jump into costume. Pretty soon, I rediscovered that sense of spirit, only now it was amongst trees and friends (human and non) in the woods.

In the many odd day jobs I’d had between shows, personal training and nutritionist stuck with me the most. To liberate people from the hellish prison of out of control health habits resonated deeply and as my convictions that rediscovering our natural rhythm and place in the biosphere held the answers, I looked into forming some sort of health coaching business with this at its center. In a brainstorming session, I “came up with” the name… Rewild. However, a quick google search reminded me that there are no new ideas and I started digging deeper into what already existed in this term that felt so appropriately plucked from the collective consciousness.

This began with listening to Daniel Vitalis’ podcast and for the better part of the following year, that was enough to satisfy my curiosity. However, I then heard his interview with Daniel Quinn and was immediately moved to read his books. Upon reading “Ishmael” I found that while the “ReWild Yourself” podcast had played an important introduction to some of these ideas and possible practices, it fell short of what my soul had been looking for my entire life: a reimagining of a world that could hold humans as well as it holds all other creatures. And humans that did their part to maintain that balance. Basically, a revolution that, until now, I had only felt, but not been able to succinctly express as a telepathic gorilla did. So, I dug deeper in another googling of “rewild” and found Peter’s blog, ordered his book along with Miles Olson’s “Unlearn, Rewild” and those now sit on my shelf to follow hot on the heels of “Story of B”. I’ve also added James Broderick’s podcast “Ancestral Health Radio” to my list to give an alternative to Daniel’s. I have followed closely the critiques of this community about his work and while I agree with the majority of it, I have thrown too many babies out with the bath water in the past and now listen to it with an aptly feral grain of salt. However, I’m very grateful that my scope of information has been expanded to this forum and folks that have been at this for far longer.

I can no longer in good conscious pursue a commercial career in acting as it is far out of alignment with my values, and I am formulating how I have that conversation with an agency that has served me well for four years. Yet, I am, by spirit, an artist and a creative. I am in blatant dissonance with an urban backdrop that I only moved to for a career path that I am diverting from, and yet so many of the ones I love live here, and what is a rewilding human without their tribal connection? As, I’m sure many of you experience, I feel that this new path is an uphill battle riddled with idiosyncrasies, and I am standing at the bottom in reverence of the journey ahead and with vague notions of where I hope it lands me. However, I am glad to have found this forum, these books, and the electronic personifications of all of you at this start.

Oh. And I have a tendency to write Tolstoy-esque pieces… it’s the slow rambling Southerner in me. I’m 27 and this is a screenshot into my life. For now, I mainly intend to watch and listen and as needed, ask questions.

Glad of this group,


Hi BillieB, Joan and -A, welcome here. A good place to come together in the cold and dark of Winter.


Welcome new folks! Thanks for sharing your amazing stories. Looking forward to hearing from you all. :slight_smile: <3


Welcome Joan!!! So excited you found your way here!! :grinning:


Welcome Alec! Glad you found us!! :grinning:


My name is Michelle Nickles and I am nearly a month from being 35. My friends call me Chel or jokingly, Lady Fox-feather, because I decorate much with Foxes and Feathers. Foxes because they always seem to come into my life when I am low, like when my mom was dying of cancer. Feathers because the always seem to cross my path. I stumbled into rewilding through bushcrafters and homesteaders, the show Live Free or Die (let me know of the term), and then books I found on Amazon, and from found a subculture I feel at home in.

As a child and a teen, I studied any and all books I could on old skills from the Celts, Vikings, Mountain Men, and Native America pre-1900. I never have worn shoes except moccasins (_or cheep tennis shoes if could find moccasins) till I was in my late teens, by choice, and barefoot even in winter if I could get by with it ( to the point my mom made a rule - below 32 shoes required ). At the age of 15 I planted a permaculture herb garden that grew until I was 24 and moved out their dwelling. At 17, I made a hunters shelter (based on Celtic and Native American techniques) out of woven cider bows that stood for 3 years till an ice storm took it out.

After I graduated high school, it would be another 7 years till I returned in depth too my wilder roots, then I was plunged in deep: I was off-grid/nearly off gird as a semi-nomad, for the past 10 years in the desert southwest, but the work that took my husband out there ended…and now we have returned to his home area in SE Kentucky. We are currently on grid, but are seeking for jobs (most like run of the mill ones still till we can get land, though trying to seek ones closer to heart) to put money away for land to rewild on, and teach others. I am currently almost done with Natural Health consultant training, and about to begin training as an Herbalist and in foraging. My husband is a bushcrafter, and very supportive of me.

In some ways I am just beginning in my rewilding journey, in others I am far along, others still I am rediscovering things I knew as a child, that I wish I never would have let go. That is my journey to date.
As to why I came here, I am excited to grow and learn from others with like ideas.


Adding another welcome to all you new folks. Looking forward to chatting! :slight_smile:


Hello all!
I live in the Ozark mountain in southern Missouri. I tend to think I’ve been a rewilder my whole life, always seeking a closer connection in nature and finding my wild self. Over two years ago I walked away from the internet, phones and media. Recently I’ve allowed some social connection back into my life because I’ve realized I need the connection to other rewilders. I live in a very remote area for the Midwest near the national forest and hope that someday others would like to join me in building a physical tribe. Thank you for allowing me to join this group. I look forward to meeting others, learning and sharing.


Hi, I’m Tom, just joined today. I just finished reading the book “A New Path” by Arthur Haines, I found out about from the book. I am lucky to live in Maine on thirty acres of mixed forest, predominantly Red Oak (Quercus rubra), American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) and Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus). I am 67, and I have been growing food and medicinal herbs off and on since the mid 1970’s. I am learning to identify/forage medicinal and edible mushrooms and wild herbs and edible plants. I am currently taking Rosemary Gladstar’s “The Science & Art of Herbalism” correspondence course to learn herbal home health care. Looking to learn and share what little I can.


Welcome @ladyfoxfeather, @Ben_spiritbear, and @Oakenhill!! so glad to have u all here!!! :slight_smile:


Hello Rewilders!

My name is Wallace- 23 years old living in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. Very excited to dive in and become more active- I’ve known about this site for awhile but have waited to get involved. I’m trying to foster a local community of like-minded individuals, and resources like this are such a great help. I’ve been slowly transitioning away from modern civilization, and hope to build enough skills to teach others locally, and disembark from modern society, whether that means an off-grid homestead or being totally nomadic. I’m super stoked there is an online community devoted to sharing ideas around this topic, and can’t wait to explore the forum.



Hello tribe,

My name is Luis Javier, you can call me Luisja. I’m 28 and my location at the moment is a camper van in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica where I’ve been living since the beginning of this year. Im originally from Mexico but have been moving around with no specific destination for the last 3 years, in this time I’ve learned a lot from experiences, people, and myself, I’ve broadened my view on the world and got more in touch with my wild self. I also fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle on the way. I’m glad to read that there is a community like this and can’t wait to share more with all of you.



Hey there,

I used to visit an old iteration of these forums years ago, going by the name of timeLESS and rocking my Mononokehime avatar! That was like (two?) iterations ago with the green theme all over the forums and i kinda dropped out by the time i got Scouts’ book Rewind or Die!. Not that these things were related its just that life took a turn around this time. Back then i got into rewinding after getting jaded with counter culture. I really kicked it off by reading Jasons’ 30 theses. hooked. Then Jared, Ishmael, Against Leviathan, and so on. I went to Urvision in Sweden a couple of times and met some crazy interesting people as well as some lost souls trying to find a home. I hope they doing okay these days. Eventually i lost touch with the urban counter culture scene and i guess in some ways also with the perception i had of myself as a young man.

Before all that I used to run Huskies in the High north. It was the most wild experience for me i can remember. after that I used to live in squats all over the place in the Netherlands. Then i started working with dogs here. Trying to recapture some of that wildness. Now me and my partner run a doggydaycare business. We share the care of three kids, just bought a farm and the rush of the last few years i feel is trying to leave me and after all the business is done and the kids find their way around a grow a little and the house is slowly becoming a home for the first in a long while, i was watching the fields and saw the birds swooping in, clouds rolling by and was reminded for a moment of the wildness. I thought of the old forums and figured i should see its remains probably somewhere on the web. But it seems there is something new here too. A little different. Im curious to see if we still match.

Hi from the Netherlands!


Welcome Wallace, Luisja and Voidfull! Hope you have many a good time here!


Great to hear from you again timeLESS/Voidfull.


Hi Willem nice to meet again! Meant to say Rewilding ofcourse but my phone turned that into rewinding which has quite a laid-back tone to it and fits my current state of being pretty well actually so i like it! :wink:

Hope all is well across the globe!

Hi Anneke! Nice to meet you! Your name has a dutch or perhaps belgian ring to it!

Talk to you all on the forums!


Hi everyone, am happy I landed here today. I live in Quebec, Canada in a rural area where hubby and I are slowly working at preserving forever (hmm… as long as possible anyway) a little 1 acre lot behind our house. For yrs now, I have been dreaming about acquiring land to preserve it. After reading E.O. Wilson, years ago, I decided that land conservation was one promising solution against despair in a troubled and quickly deteriorating world. I intend to preserve much more than 1 acre… in due time. All starts with intentions I suppose. Glad I found this inspiring community.