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Welcome @wildefemme9. Yes there’s many folks from Oregon here, but members (including founders) hail from all over the US and the world for that matter. Make yourself at home!


Hello, it’s Firekin4! Whole new account though; breaking all ties to Google, including accounts made with with my Gmail address.


Welcome back, SerpentSun/Firekin. :slight_smile:


Well thank you, it’s good to be welcome somewhere! :slight_smile:


Hello All,
My name is Krystal. I’m new to this site but not to rewilding. I became interested in rewilding first through the study of ancestral foods, that progressed into a study of wild foods and herbal medicine. I live in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC.


Hey all,

My name is Jordo, I live in Australia and a currently training to become Aussie Tarzan. I’m very grateful to have found this website because it means I now have a steady stream of idea’s, motivation and support in my endeavour to become king of the jungle (bush).


Hi Scout! Myself and my family have decided we can’t take this societal living anymore, and we want to find somewhere cooler than Satan’s armpit (Mississippi coast). We have decided on Northwest Washington state for many reasons, and have heard about being able to claim public land. We are leaving about mid-February regardless. (So we can take our time getting there and see everything we can.) Is there anything you can tell us that will help? (I understand that is a broad question, but you seem to be that way and know a lot. Anything will help, like where to find a land broker [?] [If that’s even what you called them], or the laws about livestock, which we do intend to get pigs, chickens, and goats.) Please help!


People call Peter Scout. That’s cool.

People call me crazy. I am fine with that. I know what I am.

I consider myself a bit too much of a simple person without anything particularly thought rousing to say to take part in the majority of the writing I see here. Most of the posts I have read thus far just make my mind spin in confused circles. Nevertheless, I genuinely cherish the ‘rewilding’ way of living. Domestication has the occasional tendency to get on my somewhat frayed nerves but I try to take the advice of Jesus and ‘love my neighbor’ and all that noise. I suppose I will mostly read and rarely if ever post.

I thank you rewilding peoples for writing things that I can read. I want to understand. Maybe I will. I know my comprehension skills have taken leaps and bounds in the past.

I guess I have highly developed values. I try my darndest to live a compassionate and heart driven life.

I believe in a Ceator. I do not claim to understand what is up with the Creator. I believe I am made of the same stuff that my Creator is made of. I believe almost anything is possible. Maybe everything except ending the universe. I hope that never happens. I would not know it did if it did, but it would be real bad.

I bring up the Creator to bring up my thoughts on right and wrong. I believe judgment is not an area I am meant to be a part of. I can call things good and evil and try to choose the one I prefer (good) but saying evil is wrong is not my bag. ‘Judge no lest ye be judged’.

I think the Bible is the holiest book ever written, but I do not place much stock in books. I think others have had more holy teachings, perhaps handed to them by Jesus in past unrecorded visits.

I am not a Christian. I am not anything I would care to name, but I do have a tendency to explore spiritual avenues.

I wish you all a good day. I have been having particularly good days lately and I am very very grateful for that. :slight_smile:


My name is Kevin Tucker. Long time writer, first time reader you could say. I’ve been aware of this forum, but just haven’t really spent any time on it and started digging a bit today. Peter and I have a less than stellar past, all of which was/is fairly public, but have been moving on from that for a while.
I do a lot of projects, currently that is Black and Green Press and Black and Green Review, a bi-annual anarcho-primitivist journal dedicated to a wild existence and passionate resistance. I’m a father of twin girls living in the Ozarks on a small chunk of land, surrounded by nearly endless amounts of public land and very, very few people. Always looking to talk shop and connect with interesting people.


Super happy to have you here. I mean, you’ve always been here in a way. :slight_smile:


Hi all, dirtgirl here, not a redhead tho lol
Living in SEQ on the forgotten side of the great divide, on the edge of a tiny town. Mum to two squarkers, one of whom is a girl who loves animals and the outside , the other is a slightly autistic boy who is an inside tinkerer and screens addict ( but seems to enjoy outside when I make him get out there) Partner to a man who is a boilermaker by trade, who is a farmhand currently and would love to have the knowledge to be able to just walk out in the scrub with nothing but a knife. I have spent ten years working in a wholesale nursery, so I know plants, but am only interested in the ones u can eat or use in some way besides ‘for looks’. Now in a commercial piggery, I hate how they’re all in the air con sheds but that’s how it is, so I try make their short life as happy and healthy as I can possibly. I do like knowing where(some of) my food comes from though, an how it was treated before it became food. We (as a family) are all due for another of our camping trips, out in the bush, apparently we rough it more than others, usually out of laziness (ie why put a tent up for less than a week? Unless it’s raining…) and often eat what’s out there. Never even heard if the term rewilding til I found this site, can’t say I have ever done it as defined, but definitely heading in that direction, and would not have a problem with being forced in that way. Not a fan of monoculture farms slash commercial animal and plant production slash current civilization workings. Bring on permaculture, skills and product bartering, etc keep everything small and local. I’ve been rambling lol so sorry everyone


My name is Taylor, I’m 22, and I live in southeastern Michigan. I was introduced to primitivism/rewilding when I read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, which led me to other writers like John Zerzan and Ted Kaczynski. I agree with a lot of anti-tech and anti-civ philosophy, although I try to keep an open mind to other perspectives. My current goal is to get some experience living off-grid by volunteering. One day I hope to live off-grid in a community with likeminded people.

P.s. I’m so excited to meet all of you!


Hello, my name is Lara. I have almost 45 trips around the Sun under my belt. I’ve been active on and off in the rewilding forums for a few years on Facebook and finally got to finishing my registration here. I am working on being a better, healthier, more resilient human being in harmony with nature while being stuck in the city during this great transitional period we’re all in the midst of. I have a healthcare practitioner license, practice home herbalism (wise woman/nourishing tradition,) gardening, kitchen witchery, and practice endless curiosity. I would love to meet people in my area for face-to-face community, trading skills, etc.

Cheers & thanks!


Welcome Lara! :smiley: Glad to see you here.


My name is Jordan Manley. I am a cis-gendered, heterosexual male of European Descent, and I am 30 years old. I live in the northeastern part of Oregon State, near Hells Canyon and the Wallowa Mountains. My interest in rewinding began, when as a child I read books about Native Americans, and early Mountain Men and explorers. I have always longed to live a life with a deeper connection, and I have always been aware of the problems that go hand in hand with modern civilization. As a child, my heart broke when I learned of deforestation, extinction, and climate change. I come from a family of hunters, and I credit my father with instilling in me a passion for woodsman ship and appreciation of nature. I dabble in primitive skills, but my focus is primarily on participating in the transition culture of rewilding. I have made attempts at living a hunter gatherer lifestyle, but nowadays I prefer to participate in civilized society, and I see my role as being the foundation of a bridge to a wilder culture for future generations. On two different occasions I have lived horse back, nomadically for a little over 2 months. While I enjoyed those times, I found interpersonal relationships with my fellow participants to be the limiting factor. Currently, I spend as much time as possible Archery Elk hunting, horseback camping, foraging, fishing, and planting back, with the goal of continually working towards incorporating as much wild food into my diet as possible. I am employed seasonally as a expedition rafting guide in hells canyon in the summer, and as a hunting guide in the fall. This gives me lots of time to practice primitive skills such as bow-making and shelter building, as well as time to pursue my passion as a photographer and film maker. I have been lurking on the site since it was created, and I look forward to finally participating in discussion.


Welcome Jordan, nice to have you unlurk. :slight_smile:


Welcome, Jordan! Looking forward to hearing more of your story.


Hello! :slight_smile: My name is Cayenne, a lifelong hippie and geek, living with my boyfriend/husband in Missouri. Except my mom put her eye out with her thumb last month, so we’re back in Illinois helping her, Good thing we can just tow our house behind the truck. My mom thought it was “trashy” that I wanted to live in a trailer, until I started calling it a “tinyhouse”. Trending makes it all okay, am I right?

Sorry in advance if I come across as angry or bitter, All the animal abuse, deforestation, forced sterilization, and mass extinction has made me very misanthropic. Guilty until proven innocent, especially if it involves pollution or puppies. I love every plant and animal except humans,

I know, we were actually a pretty cool species for hundreds of thousands of years. But I was born in this time, this country, this selfish greedy society. It makes me absolutely sick. Perhaps I wouldn’t care if I couldn’t love, but my family is brainwashed, drugged, duped, and poisoned every single day by everyone with a title before their name. Yet most of them are utterly oblivious.

So I’ve made this account on behalf of myself and my boyfriend, in an attempt to befriend any like-minded individuals. We have no friends besides dogs, snakes, birds, bees, trees, and rocks. Some human companionship would be nice. Especially a pretty lady, one who likes other ladies, but I should probably keep that to myself :wink: Rather be in no company than bad company.

Fun Fact: I’m really bad about expressing every thought as an essay. More information about me, should you for some reason give a hoot, might be found on my profile. If the “About Me” section even works. I can’t view my profile as others see it, so I have no clue. I guess it all comes out in the wash.


Hey there. I’m so green in this arena I’m nervous to post. At nearly 26, I feel as though I’ve been devoured by the system. Yet still, the peircing voice of Mother Culture whispers in my ear as Daniel Quinn would say. I live in southwest Florida and I’m on the verge of leaving it all to reconnect with myself and this life giving planet. However, I believe in wisdom. I have a home and it’s a financial asset that could easily be used toward my reintroduction to my Native American roots.

I’m on an amazing journey. I’ve been reading Ishmael and Secrets of the Talking Jaguar. I feel light years away from being able to wrap my head around a school of reintegration such as Bolad’s Kitchen. It’s my deepest desire to connect, travel, and live intentionally with people who are also seeking a life of rewilding.

There is a revival of sorts conjuring itself from the depths of this planets heart and I don’t know where my family is. I don’t know who my people are. I’m reading every book I can, sitting in awe at these divinely inspired stories and teachings. I just want to sit around a fire with all of you and let our hands connect while our feet draw upon the healing energies and vibrations of this magnificent planet.

I’d love to connect with anyone who shares my heart and desire for community. A home is no place for one man to sit alone.