Hello I’m Alec I dwell in the green bay Wisconsin area


Hi everybody, my name is Alex… I have been slightly awkward i think on this site…have mostly read and observed and have enjoyed it a lot actually…Decided that it is probably time i should introduce myself haha

This might be long but i have a lot to share with you guys
I’m a normal white kid grew up in the suburbs around portland oregon…my parents divorced when i was three, My dad being from Greece living there and me living with my mom in portland. I went to Greece VERY frequently (every summer) until a couple years ago… Thats where my obssesion with nature started because my father is a fisherman…My dad would let me do literally whatever the fuck i wanted while he was fishing…sometimes i would fish and whenever i wanted i was allowed to just walk away , in any direction I wanted, for however long I wanted, with no restrictions…This is what I think truly got me into it at a young age …I spent entire days catching frogs, lizards, snakes, fish and turtles, dragonflies, anything I could catch… One day I had a wake up call to not go so far from camp because I ran into a young Brown Bear who was sitting on the other side of the creek just smelling me… I could tell that I was a juvenile, (because it was just so small) and I knew I should get the fuck outta there cause mom has to be around…years and years later,(I was like probably 10 then) I was a senior in highschool and freaking hated civ…Looked up on the internet and found Alderleaf Wilderness College… Went there, Learned what I could, Went to Trackers immersion program as a work trade, and ever since have been practicing all kinds of things and working in communities leading outdoor programs. Currently in Eugene Oregon studying the arts of nature as well as sharing them…If anyone here in Eugene wants to get together let me know…I also go to Portland sometimes so that goes for people up there too… I’m an avid bird/animal photographer and tracker. Also Woodworking is a specialty… I’m interested in all of it but have a lot to share with those three things in particular (tracking/birdlanguage and carving with modern tools)
P.S. if any of you rewilders here are ever thinking about checking out any european countries, I know greece quite well and it’s actually pretty amazing for us in certain regions… I think I might start a thread on Greece here in the near future to share my experiences there… Many experiences over my lifetime from mountains to riots, anarchism and literally witnessing collapse…Holy crap the shit i have seen there… Kind of like, visions of the future, i’ll share one right now… In greece workers are not afraid of going on strike… I feel like i saw a glimpse of a scary probable future when a couple years ago the truckers driving oil to the gas station went on strike… literally EVERYONE and i mean everyone, was freaking out in athens anyways… There was a line of cars at the gas stations going down the street and around the corner… at every gas stationstrong text****… this was because the truckers went on strike…I can’t even imagine the panic of a full blown oil collapse after seeing that…very intense…


Howdy. My name is Eric. I’ve been reading for a few weeks now, and finally decided to join the discussion.

Quick background: I, along with my partner and one-year-old child, currently live in Prescott, AZ. We both lived–and met–at an intentional community in Minneapolis. I first discovered the anti-civ critique and the concept of rewilding while living there, and began seeking out like-minded folks. We moved out here to be closer to family, but we’re starved for community. We’re hoping to eventually get out to the Corvalis/Eugene area, and I figured I could start making some accquiantences here. I’ve got a friend out there that some of you might know, named Jeriah. He mentioned Rewild Portland and that’s how I found ya’ll.


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Hi there,

Name is Richard. I am 25 years of age and have been re-wilding myself for the past few years, though having been invovled around a nature reserve since I was born, thus having a long term fascination with nature. I am based in the east midlands, United Kingdom.

Last year I began to teach foraging… Forage Frolics and this year I have been working at a balance between nature and minimal farming in the form of free range goats who provide us with our raw milk for sustinance, while the rest comes from wild greens and any animals we hunt.

I have gone pretty much raw, including meat, provided that it is my own fresh kill and have never felt better!

I am pushing towards full on self sufficiency while not dismissing modern technologies completely until the time arises, in which case I can fully sustain myself off what we have.

Look forward to being a part of this forum and learning and hopefully also have input from my own experiences.



Hey, Richard. Welcome!


##Hello World,

My name is Kevin. I am 29 originally from Guyana (a country that just received a mention in a noteworthy article about Noway completely banning deforestation) and now reside in Asheville, NC.

I feel I was drawn to Asheville as it’s a truly conscious community, hub of rewilding teachers and organic permaculture farmers. My passion has become Permaculture which goes hand-in-hand with rewilding.

It’s a great time to be alive, learn, share and I’m glad to have found this community.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


Welcome, Kevin! How did you find this forum?


I was thinking of using the domain for my own permaculture blog when I stumbled upon this website. Great resource.


Welcome to the forum, Kevin! :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Helen Kopnina, the co-author author of Culture and Conservation: Beyond Anthropocentrism. More info:


Welcome, Helen! How did you find us?


Hi Helen, Welcome here!


Hi there,

I found you through research for one of my books!



Hoi Anneke,

Ik ben benieuwd naar jullie programma! Kan je a.u.b. daarover ook via Researchgate (ik neem het aan dat je daar mijn vraag zag) iets posten - het kan ook voor andere mensen interessant zijn!

Waar je woon je, misschien kunnen wij een keer afspreken?

Mvg, Helen


Hallo Helen,

Het lijkt me leuk om een keer af te spreken!

Leef en heb Lief,


Hoi Anneke,

Ik woon in Amsterdam en werk in Leiden en Den haag - bent jij soms in de buurt?

Mvg, Helen


Hi Snowflower!
Debaurora here, WildWomyn at my new little page. 59 and love sharing earth skills. At our age, we have lived the hindsight and actually remember some skills being practiced before they became primitive. Or are we primitive? No matter, as long as we keep remembering, sharing and learning! Playing is the best way to teach! I’m on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island in Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada, offering wild walks and classes on feral foods, nutrition and longevity. Don’t be lonely, Hon; talk to the trees!


Hi Kevinwolf :sunglasses:
I am brand new to this site but not the ideas & am considering a move south to live in a permaculture friendly environment, would love to hear about your experiences in the Carolina’s but I don’t know how to send a personal message yet.


Put the right key word into google & :confetti_ball: rewilding comes up :heart_eyes:

I’m new to the term rewilding as a key word in finding groups like this, but not as a concept.

I’m a 20 something in the USA interested in alternative food (permaculture, hydroponic systems, organic unradiated prefrence) , clothing (fair trade or used) , shelter (cobb, adobe, tiny homes, passive energy, off grid, composting) and a more inclusive caring community than many people experience mainstream (inclusive feminist).

Also interested in finding like minded others. This is the first big rewilding social site I’ve come across & lurking around theres some discussion about retreats or festivals but theres also alot of people from Oregon?