E-Prime Phrases of Speech Challenge


This person and I work together.
This person and I play this game as a team.
This person and I live and sleep and kiss and share meals together.
This person agreed to have sex with me and only me for the foreseeable future.
We date each other.

New challenge: Is it raining?


Can you verify for me if the space between the clouds and the ground contains falling water?
Would I get wet from falling droplets if I go outside now?
Hey, your coat has dark, wet shoulders!
Should I take an umbrella?
Do I see cats and dogs coming down there?
Would you agree that the number of dark specks on the pavement increases as we speak?
What do the pixels say? (My colleagues check the precipitation radar site before deciding if they go for their lunch walk or to the restaurant, rather than look out the window)

Next challenge: And here’s to you, mrs. Robinson


Best wishes, Mrs. Robinson
To your health!
May you find success!
Drink up and god bless!
Jesus loves you more than you will know . . . o-o-o

Next challenge: What’s going on?


I feel overwhelmed by all those busy people.
What the …
Why do you all look in the same direction?
What made that noise? And why doesn’t it stop?
Why doesn’t anyone tell me anything? Do you hold a secret for me?
I would like to join in, so please tell me the rules of the game.

Next challenge: I live as a “hunter-gatherer wannabe”


I aspire to live like a hunter-gatherer.
I want to hunt and gather for a living.
I hunt and gather.
I scoff in the face of of agriculturalists.
I shop in the woods.

New challenge: What is in a name?


Why do we put so much importance in names?
What difference does a name make?
What good does it do to name something?
Names can mislead us.
Just because you name something doesn’t mean you know anything about it.

New challenge: What’s eating you?


What eatest thou?
What presently eats you?
It appears something eats you. Care to elaborate?
What eats at you?
Tell me what eats at you?

New Challenge: Life is short.


We live, we die.
This life will not last.
Might I suggest making the most of your short-lived life?
This too shall pass.
Nothing lasts forever.

New challenge: Patience is a virtue.


Patience leads to good outcomes.
Patient people prevail.
Take it easy.
Slow down.
Stick with it.

Next challenge: We’re all in this together.


Nobody gets left out.
This boat will hold us all.
You stand in the same shit as I do.
What a mess!
The web closes around us all.
At least I feel some consolation that you accompany me in this horrible time and place.
If it makes you feel any better: I will endure it with you.
Anybody out there? Apparently not!
I wanna rewild!

Next challenge: What’s the next challenge?


What challenge comes next?
What challenge will you post next?
Tell me the next challenge.
We need another challenge.
Would someone please come up with another challenge?

Next challenge: Let that be a lesson for you.


I’d like to teach you this lesson.
There! Got it?
Now you know.
I don’t want to have to tell you that anymore.
I hope I’ve been clear expressed myself clearly.
And don’t forget!
Don’t ever make that mistake again!
I hope you feel it.

Next challenge: Who were your last hunter-gatherer ancestors?


Can you identify your last hunter-gatherer ancestors?
Can you trace back as far as your last hunter-gatherer ancestors?
What do you know about your last hunter-gatherer ancestors?
What do you call your last hunter-gatherer ancestors?
What names did your last hunter-gatherer ancestors go by?

New challenge: It’s a long story


Do you want to hear the long or the short version of my story?
I have a lot to tell you.
Once upon a time…
Before I get started, shall I get us something to drink?
Where do I start?
The book I just finished reading counts about 700 pages. Part one.
Oh man, I got so bored during that movie…

Next challenge: For my children it will be even longer.


For my children the story will take even longer to tell.
For my children the story will extend even farther.
For my children the story will stretch on interminably.
For my children the story will expand before them like an earthworm on the move.
Maybe my children’s story won’t even have an end.

Next challenge: I’m on my way.


I see my path laid out before me.
Don’t you dare stop me!
Stop nagging, I know I should have left ten minutes ago!

Next challenge: ‘To not think about a pink elephant’ is a difficult mental exercise.


The don’t-think-about-a-pink-elephant exercise messes with your head.
Trying not to think about a pink elephant engages the mind in a difficult exercise.
Trying not to think about a pink elephant tests your ability to control your thoughts.
Trying not to think about a pink elephant challenges the mind.
Trying not to think about a pink elephant presents a mental challenge.

Next challenge: It’s good to see you!


I have been carrying this Mindy-sized hole around, and you’ve filled it!
Your presence gladdens my soul!
Seeing you heartens me!
Finally I get to see you!
Words fail to express how happy seeing you makes me.

*EDIT–Next challenge: “There is no spoon.”


Do you really want me to slurp my soup?
Your spoon seems to have hid itself…
Why do you always expect me to do the dishes?
I only see forks and knives here.
Look, a spoon-shaped hole!

Next challenge: “There is a fork in the road.”


The road forks there.
At that point, you’ll have to choose which direction to go.
The road splits.
The way becomes a snake’s tongue.
There the road goes two different directions.

Next challenge: “The rain is relentless.”