E-Prime Phrases of Speech Challenge


Check out newly E-primed Facebook! Nice work, Jesse!

What’s the next challenge, Anneke?


Oh dear, I’m sorry!


Please accept my apologies.
I feel terrible that this happened.
I wish things had turned out differently.
The fault lies with me.

Next challenge: You’re welcome.


My pleasure!
I hope to have you as a guest some day.
Come on in.

Next challenge: Be my guest.


Please do.
Go right ahead.
Go for it.
Do as you wish.
I won’t stop you.

Next challenge: I know you are but what am I?


Make yourself at home
My treat
Please take whatever you want.
Help yourself


An existential crisis swallows me!
I know you, but I do not know myself.
Yes, that describes you, but what describes me?
Help me figure myself out!
Your feelings I understand; mine, less so.

Next challenge: Could it be?


@Jesse “been” is the verb to be.


I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Do you think so?
Could it?
I sure hope so, but I doubt the possibility.
Your say a dinosaur made this track one day? Really? That big!?

New challenge: I’m not sure what you were talking about.


Next challenge: “Wow, this thread is so great!”


" I’m not sure what you were talking about."

I feel uncertainty, with regard to the words you have emitted.
Your words doth confound mine mind.
Mine ears rejecteth the meaning of thy babble.
Peter, thou spreadeth confusion wherever thy ale hole leaketh words! - Jesse

Further inspiration at http://lingojam.com/EnglishtoShakespearean


Another new challenge:

“Will you be my best friend?”


Wilt thou exchange fine pleasantries and deepest comradeship with me?


Wow, I really enjoyed reading this thread.
I found this thread super entertaining.
This thread pleased me more than I thought it would.
I like this thread a lot.
I love this thread. I want to marry it.

New challenge: You’re the best.


You make all others look like nitwits.
I like you the best.
Nothing compares to you.
Had I known you my entire life, I could die now happy.
I cannot handle your coolness right now.

New challenge: It is.


It exists.
I have taken the thing under consideration and I have concluded that you have spoken the truth about it.

New challenge: You are what you eat.


You become what you eat.
You and your food share an intimate bond.
I care about my health, so I eat lots of vegetables.
Donuts? I can’t believe you would eat such garbage!
Garbage in, garbage out.

New challenge: Are you sure?


Don’t you have any doubt?
What does your gut feeling tell you?
What level of confidence would you say you have?
Something tells me you still have some reservations…
I don’t really want you to do it, you know.
Your plans scare me.
I wouldn’t dare to.
Do I really need that?

New challenge: “Been there, done that”.


I already did that.
I tapped that out.
Seen it already.
I’ve combed that over already.
I want something new!

New challenge: This person is my partner.