E-Prime Phrases of Speech Challenge


*It has come to my attentions this represents an E-prime fail. Second try: “Your presence fills the Mindy-sized hole I carry!”


This rain shows no mercy!
It rains without ceasing.
It never lets up.
It never tires of falling.
It has a lot of stamina.
It falls with great tenacity.

Next challenge: Be careful!


Take heed!
Watch out!
Little devils lurk.
Watch your footing.
Maintain clarity.

Next challenge: “She’s an old-timer.”


I interpreted this phrase in a couple of ways…

She has more experience than I do.
She’s worked here a long time.
She started working here forty years ago.
She’s gone around the block a time or two.
She has old-fashioned ways of doing things.


Next challenge: “It’s Winter!”.


Winter has arrived.
We find ourselves in the winter season.
Fall has ended heralding the beginning of winter.
The coldest season with the shortest days manifested. Yes, winter!
I hope you like winter, because it just started.

Next challenge : Where am I going with this tangent?


Where does sine/cosine lead me?
If I touch you, what comes next?
My thoughts run all over the place, but with no direction.
Let me back up a bit, what did I want to say again?
Sorry, I got distracted.

Next challenge: There’s no one like you!


I don’t know anyone else like you.
No one compares to you.
Your uniqueness really shows.
You have no equals.
Only you behave this way.

Next challenge: I’m over it.


I love that no one ever replied to this last particular challenge.