People call me Scout. I created this site because I have an addiction to the internet and would like to make that addiction at least worth something. :slight_smile: I live in Beautiful Portland OR, where the rain always shines.

I started writing a book on rewilding a while back. Check it out: Born to Rewild


i’m casey. i live in moab utah and travel a lot. climbing, cooking, climbing, cooking, climbing.

I am Snowflower aka Lua, I live in the Colorado Rockies off the grid with a sawdust toilet, hauled water, wood heat, and a fully electric house from solar panels on the roof, Internet and phone access via a tower on our mountain to a wireless broadband connection, I am also hopelessly addicted to the Internet and working on a gradual separation, and then Scout comes along with another outlet for my mania!

I’m Miles, live on vancouver island in a big forested park where i have built a shack. Use the net at friends and libraries. Civilization is sick, i want out - its a very blurry path though.


Hey I’m Penny Scout. I’m 24. I live in Pennsylvania near the Allegheny National Forest. Right now I split my time between my parent’s house and my boyfriend’s mom’s, though I hope to have some place to call my own within the next year. I own a 16 foot tipi. Does anyone use a forum or have a blog who isn’t a bit of an internet addict? Are there any girls on here? I’m frustrated by the lack of other primtive women.


Hi ~ I’m Rebekah. I’m 24 and I live in Wisconsin with my mom. I’ve spent the last few years living reclusively attempting to heal myself emotionally. I’m heading out west this summer to several primitive skill gatherings, and in between I’ll be exploring some of the wildish places. I can’t wait to meet other primitive-inclined people and create friendships.
Hi Penny Scout. I’m a girl.

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My name is Curt. I’m 32 years old. I live in Northwest Wisconsin. I like to learn, fish, hunt, play baseball, and spend time with my family. I’m here to learn, share experiences, laugh, and help out as much as I can with this movement beyond civilization.

I’ve posted pictures of some of the projects we are currently working on.


Hi I’m Tony, some know me as Tony Z. I’m a dude, some say The Dude, but I lost my bathrobe a while ago… I’m 27 and have been job-free since November when I finished a term of service in Americorps (which means, I haven’t been really doing shit for the past two years, either :wink: ).

Having trouble planting my roots, still looking for an awesome launchpad for mycorestoration projects.

I’m interested in clean water and clean soil, which would in turn lead to clean air.

I’ve been instigating gatherings dealing with the problems of civilization for eight years now, and won’t stop till the system is down…

Rewilding womban here! ;D

Dandelion, 23, new england, working to heal myself and Earth.

Hi Rebecca and Dandelion- Good to see women here, and my age too, a bonus. I too went through a process of trying to heal myself emotionally and physically but after years of fruitless efforts and frustration I just gave up and turned my interest fully to primtiive skills and living hoping the healing would happen by accident someday. Still waiting. I’ve learned to ingore my problems. Maybe not the smartest thing, but what’s a girl going to do? That’s not entirely true. I do make some efforts. I’m experimenting with infusions and tinctures right now Susun Weed style if you know anything about herbalism…

Curt- Nice pics. Your building site looks very neat and organized! Buliding your own place must make you really aware of all the energy raw materials that go into a much larger and less ecological house.

Curt- Nice pics. Your building site looks very neat and organized! Buliding your own place must make you really aware of all the energy raw materials that go into a much larger and less ecological house.

Thank you for your compliment about our pics.

I’m not sure if I understand the last part of our statement, so I’m going to just comment on what I think you said. Yeah, it has made us more aware how much energy goes into the building process and the manufacturing of the materials. I can only imagine how much energy it takes to build some of these 10,000 square ft. lake homes that I see being built in the area that I live. And those are second homes.

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Hey, Penny Scout, I’m a woman too! Only not your age - I’m 58 and quite frankly, very lonely for some women in my age range who can think and who still know how to play.

Rebekah, if you’re coming west, would you like to stop for a visit on a mountain in Colorado?

Curt- yep that is exactly what I meant.
Snowflower- good to have you! Maybe you can teach us younger women a thing or two.

Hi Snowflower ~ Thanks so much for the invitation. I’m planning on taking a train to Oregon in late May to attend a 3 day coastal wild food gathering. It’s been so long since I hitch hiked and I’m afraid to travel alone so I’m resorting to train. If I was more confident, I’d travel for free and stop through Colorado. I wasn’t planning to be near Colorado this summer but maybe the wind will take me there. I would love to stop by sometime.

Hi. My name is Tony of the Kimbrogh Clan. I live in Portland Oregon with my girlfriend Heather and at my family house. I taught Urban Scout everthing he knows, I am so humble you wouldn’t understand. :wink: Just kidding. Awesome dialouge here. I’m excited about learning from everyone and making friends. This is my first disscussion board I’ve ever really participated in.

Haha. It’s true. I was the first person Towhee mentored in the way he was mentored by the wise suburban Stalking Milf. Welcome Kimbrother.

Hi, I’m scruff. I’m a guy, almost 29, living in Duvall Washington. Having taken the last ten years or so to heal myself emotionally and get in touch with who and what I really am and what I really need and want, I’m just starting my path of learning and living my own life. I’m currently in Earthwalk Northwest’s apprenticeship programs.

My first forum too. It’s pretty addictive. Ah sometimes I miss just two years ago after I dropped out of college and before I went back I was all myspace? ipod? flash drive? what the hell are you talking about!

Thanks Urban Scout once again. I like gaining experience with some aboriginal living content skills, self-sufficiency, exercising, a complete wild and organic food diet, taking photos, learning ways to teach through movies/books/pictures/dialog/music/just talking, ECT), and survival people sometimes. I like any attitude and skill that has something to do with main premise here…rewild or its likes if they exist. For more information check out my myspace profile:

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