Thank you, I didn’t know that. Well I went ahead and made some modifications. REWILD.

I’m Rix. 34. Just relocated to Northwest Arkansas after 5 years in NYC.

I’ve been reading about getting out of the civ since I met an Ishmael fan at my first job in NYC.

Glad to be back in the Ozarks (grew up near here) and hoping to bond with the land by thankfully eating and using its gifts and helping others to do so too.

Trying to start up a small rewilding community here with some crazy friends that I hope will be interested in going feral.

I’ve had a long term love affair with wild plants, and I’m hoping to build on that into loving all things wild. I want to know how to live.

I’m jhereg (yes, I’m a Brust fan), 32. I live in Ohio. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around civilization and it’s pitfalls for at least as long as I can remember, but only fairly recently stumbled onto the anti-civ & primitivist movements (mostly due to stumbling across Ishmael, then following the internet footprints…). In the meantime I’ve dabbled in “alternative consciousness”, herbal healing, and trying to understand how to relate to the world around me.

I suppose I should introduce myself.

My parents named me Wilhelm, after a dutch sailor-friend of my father, named “Wilhelm Dedood”, pronounced Vil-emm Deh-dote, it means “divine helm” and “the dead”. I don’t know why they did that. I never see the guy, I don’t even know that he ever liked me, and my father doesn’t really seem to get along with him any more (they haven’t talked for over a decade). In any case, everybody incorrectly called me “Will-helm”, so they changed the spelling to Willem. Now everybody calls me William instead. Unless they call me “willow”.

I grew up in very sacred places to me, places I miss in my bones, though not often in my thoughts. I grew up on the Oregon south coast, a place thick with salt air, the rich rot of kelp, and the grieving calls of the gulls fretting over fishing boats. Sand seemed to get in everything. In the winter the wind blew and blew, enough to chill your bones, and the fog rolled in thick and heavy, paradoxically blinding you while at the same time carrying the clear sounds of voices and shutting doors far beyond their origins.

In the summer you could expect days as hot and dry as you like, though the chill wind along the shore never stopped.

Later my family moved a little up-coast, and the weather seemed much moodier and murkier. A place turned sad by the arrival of Europeans, who even in that modern day seemed despairing and strange in a land stolen from those who considered it a paradise.

The sand and the sea, the innumerable tight slopes of the coastal mountains hiding cranberry bogs, and cedar swamps, and the dark and holy wildernesses.

I live now in the Willamette Valley in the Portland Area, once known as Stumptown for the vast panorama of trees butchered and killed to feed the hunger of new arrivals. Not far south from here, my father lives near a town called Woodburn, named so because to clear fields the europeans had bonfires of the tree’s bodies licking the sky, 24 hours a day, for years.

Though I know more naturalist lore about this area, the trees and animals and so on, than I do of where I originally grew up, some part of me doesn’t know if I’ll ever know it in the same way as the land of my childhood. Perhaps. This place introduced itself to me as a city first, all buses and downtown and the grinding weary chaos of the mid to late years of public schooling. Only a decade later did I come to explore its wild greenways: the ecstatic toothsome industry of beavers, the regal and rapier wielding herons hunting, the sweet-needled hemlock and douglas firs, the sheltering arms and fuzzy knapped skin of the great redcedars, the syrupy perfume of cottonwoods with their riot of wind-strewn white cotton.

I care about my family a lot, and for the most part they have lives far more invested in the modern culture than I. I write and I teach, and eke out an existence in the margins for now.

So, that tells a little about me.


Hey! I’m 24, reside in Portland, OR and fairly recently have gone undercover as a student at community college. The term “soilslave” I got from my phs.anth. teacher, which he used to describe us intensive agriculturalists and our way of life. I could be described as an armchair anarchist and was introduced to the anti-civ critique around 5 years ago when I read John Zerzan’s essay “Agriculture” I have a serious interst in the concept of rewilding. Unfortunately I don’t have any knowledge or skills I can share with you all but, I am open to learning from others. I have heard others on here talk of healing…That is something important to me as well. Thanks to urbanscout, willem and all others for getting this going!

Welcome soilslave! Your teacher sounds cool. :slight_smile:

I want to have visisted this website when it started. I have a lot to catch up with and more continues to upload. It blows my mind. Goodness. :o

i know what you mean, rrm. it’s only a few weeks old, and i feel like i’m already behind.

I guess I should do one of these.

My name is Rory, and I live in Carencro LA. I live with a psuedo-tribe(the minimum # of members of a tribe is 5, right?) at the Bechet House, an 120 old plantation home. We operate a Bed&Breakfast, a non-profit record label, Philanthropy Records, and a for-profit audio/visual studio, Forgotten Prophet’s Studio, all out of the Bechet. We operate it all on Daniel Quinn’s Tribal Business Model. We do mostly music, and have done some short films. We are working our way up to “feature presentations”. I also work 40 hrs a week as a paralegal, doing family law and bankruptcy.

I am into permaculture, and will traveling to Scout and Willem’s area (oregon)for the summer to get my design cert.

I enjoy practicing martial arts, drums, guitar, primitive skills, and shooting. I like chicken, exotic instruments, death/black metal, symphonic and electronic music, titty bars, the Church of Satan, learning new edible plants, and stalking members of the Illuminati.

I dislike govt, civilization, humans who think their shit doesn’t stink, and the color pink.

oh yeah, Ninjas are always coooler than Pirates!!!

I’m Observed.
I’m a 24 year old guy who is most comfortable outdoors. I’m not out to change the world. I just want to live long and experience the beauty that in it. I live in the Allegheny mountains where I make and sell submachine gun parts for a living. I am probably more calculating than most people here. I believe scientific literature can sharpen a scouts wits better than any parable or fire side story. Eclectic and adaptable, I’m not about to limit myself to stone age materials. I’m interested in a primitive, minimalist, nomadic, wilderness lifestyle. I’m here to learn skills and make friends.

Welcome to the fold.

Hmmm…ninjas…pirates…ninjas…pirates…I just can’t make the call. Too close. Kudos to your ability to choose your favored one, Rory.

I favor the Fianna. Somebody needs to make the Fianna cool again.

My name is Lonnie. I’m from vancouver island. Currently struggling to sever my ties to civilization.

yay! Welcome.

Momma named me Eric (“ever powerful”, or “complete ruler”), and birthed me under Aries with both her and Dad’s stubbornness.
I’ve gone almost 23 times around the sun while riding this planet, and I hope I can make it a little better before I get dizzy and pass out (or fly off back to Mars or something).
Born in Seattle, live in NC presently, but I like to roam around. Just now digging (literally) in and learning some “real” skills. I’ve lost the better part of my years to machines, deeply missing a living world all the while. I feel a little afraid, trying to live again (but don’t tell anyone).


pirates, dude, all the way.

Hi My name is Joshua. I am 23 yesterday.
I live in Michigan,I will be in the far north of Michigan this summer around
I am a flintknapper and primitive skills practicer,though not to the extent that I want to be.
I am looking at the possibilitiy of starting a sustainable community with some friends. But I have not completely made up my mind.
That dream is a ways off as yet,and it will mean a comitment to a lot of work,which I am also not sure I want to do.
I like to be as free as possible,I dont like to be connected to phone bills and taxes.
It is nice to find a few young women on here who are interested in rewilding.
You are too few and valuable,maybe you can encourage other women to
take up this path.
Dont forget to eat your wild greens people,it is spring and many are tender and not yet so bitter. Dont forget to enjoy the morning birdsongs.
Peace, Ofthewood

Welcome to the site! Hey, I just turned 25 TWO days ago. Aries Rule!

Happy belated birthday Urban Scout!