Into the Wild, Part One: Towards a Post-Civilized Critique of Civilization

thoughts? feedback? questions? critiques?

I really enjoyed this piece.

I’ve always felt weird about identifying as an anarchist, and I think your articulation helped me to understand why. I could never put it into words, it was just the feeling. I have no background in anarchism, and frankly got lost in the reading trying to figure it out. While I agree with anarcho-primitivism, and consider myself an anarcho-primitivist, I would never officially call myself that for the reasons you mentioned in there.

I didn’t know much about deep ecology, so that was interesting too. It was great to hear your journey through these various realms, and to see how you were always going deeper, looking for the root. I could think of a half dozen or so topics/subcultures that I trickled through, that I would think the same thing: permaculture, trackers, survivalism, “doomers,” homesteaders, back to the landers, naturalists, etc. No one seems to take things further. Even rewilding is getting stunted and moralized in the manner you mentioned. Some of that is my own doing! :wink:

I think on some level, there will never be a name/word to describe people like us, or what we are doing for real. I’ve been on board with the word rewilding for a long time, and I think it’s the most accessible word to decribe this process, but from where a lot of us are now, even that word feels old and troublesome. I’ll keep using it, similarly to how I occasionally use the word “primitive skills.” But the culture and flow of people doing what we used to call rewilding has moved beyond it I think.

Sorry for the late reply, ha! I’ve been in and out of the field lately, and haven’t been checking in on my internet duties :wink:

Im glad to hear that this essay resounded with you, I caught a lot of flak from the anarchist and deep-ecology crowd (as was expected).

Anyways, sorry for missing the last few skills-shares, i’ve had a very erratic schedule over the past few months and my life has been entirely unpredictable. I planned on making them but I either forgot or something came up that I had to attend to. I also signed up for your Rewilding 201 course, and as of now, I should be able to make all of them. Should be fun, I look forward to learning some stuff! Also, I dont know if you saw it, but I published Into the Wild Part 2 awhile back, I think you’ll appreciate it:!Into-the-Wild-Part-Two-Rewilding-Self/cjds/5666433f0cf256f068fe3aef

See you on the 30th!

What kind of flak did you get from the anarchist world?

Looking forward to reading part 2 when I get a chance!

A bunch of, “you dont understand anarchism at all, you’re just a primmie poser” stuff and a little of, “you just want everybody to die without industrial medicine you ableist transphobic asshole” stuff. I also caught a bit of flak from the primitivist crowd, Zerzan and Tucker both took issue with my rejection of (time- and place-fixed) Origins and my critiques of Radical Anthropology.

After I published this I read through the “Uncivilized” anthology (selected articles from GA!, distributed through Little Black Cart) and saw that a lot of the stuff I mentioned had already been discussed and critiqued, so i’m not the first person to raise these critiques, but I believe they are still helpful to folks who aren’t familiar with these sub-cultures.