Where do I find the topics I haven't read yet?


Help… in the past weeks I’ve been slowly but surely going through all the old topics on the forum, and I “only” had 27 pages to go… having left the longest and most intriguing topics for last… but now there is this new look and feel (which I like colorwise but otherwise will take me time to adjust to)… and I can’t find a way to select the topics I haven’t read yet… any help will be greatly appreciated!


Uh oh! Your inspiring goal may be one of the casualties of the move. I see there is a menu at the top that offers unread items - http://rewild.com/unread - you might try that?


Well, the “unread” option provided in the menu hasn’t clarified its helpfulness to me yet. Probably it only works on what got posted after the changes.
It seems that having read a topic (or not) makes it show up in light rather than dark grey. Too bad the history of having read something seems to have been left in the bit-prehistory…

Fortunately I started reading the topic with the least replies, so ordering the topics by number of replies may help me in finding new material to read…