Us making art


Ai saw some people in the artists thread posting their own artwork and ai said to myself, “chase, you sortof do art sometimes and these people do too, but nobody made a thread about that yet. Why dont you?” So here goes it. My poetry, cause ai dont like my drawings enough to post them (this poem made up on the spot, just for this):

My Apricot

sweet globe of
sensuous extacy
how your sweet
taste bursts
over my tounge like
erupting sunrise
over dull and weathered
meandering foothills
whose cold slate and granite
never bore life

oh skin of the
give me your
acid that ai
may weather away
at lonely nights
and painfull

one of few
a small and newformed
are you
your mother bore
in her first flower
greatest joy that
wins the



i like it a lot!
too bad i don’t have much of a knack for poetry, otherwise i’d post something.
i like to draw though. i’ll see if i have any drawings around worthy of posting.


i drew this a while ago.

and this.
i’m not really content with this one. i think i could have done a couple things differently.



zomg thats fantastic TT.

i do comics when i can be bothered… but they’re prolly not on a suitable topic for these forums ^.^

but I’ll post a link and click it at your own discretion…


I love the squid. Is it watercolor? Cuz that would be so appropriate. :slight_smile:


haha. yeah, it’s water color.


awesome work, tt

what’d you do use for the forest/night sky scene?

(I love how the trees sway! it puts me in mind of the huorn following Treebeard and the other Ents to pull down Saruman’s tower ;D)



i used beeswax crayons for that one.
i drew a base layer of colors and then covered it all with another darker layer of blue. then i etched in the forest and sky.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: YAY, finally people are starting to post their art! Ai LOOOOVE that forest scene! Ditto the ent thing.
Come on people, you know you have sketches hidden away somewhere! And remember: art doesnt have to be “good”, just expressive of your feelings. Just write how you feel and Whala! you’ve written poetry! (that consists of the majority of mai method)