Thoughts on Daniel Vitalis


Hello to all,

So I’ve heard a lot of mixed thoughts on Daniel Vitalis’s work and I’m just starting to look into it… I don’t really have any opinions yet, but I’d like to hear more about what people on here think about him…


I haven’t looked at it seriously, but so far I don’t approve. It sounds like any day now he’s going to start selling paleo cell phones.


Yes, some day soon we’ll be driving along the main street and there’ll be those nylon banner-pole things flapping outside the little storefronts saying “ReWild Yourself Here!!!”


Ha! Paleo cell phones! Kinda seems like another facet of the rich hippie/yuppie environmentalism movement, with some wisdom mixed in. What’s next, rewilded oil drilling? :stuck_out_tongue:


Already started a thread to discuss it:,1771.0.html


Perhaps something changed in the meantime, anyway this one works now: