The Mighty Hunter


My Final Drawing for my college art class. It’s a self portrait. Enjoy.


Thanks for sharing your art class “self portrait” drawing, It’s very nicely done, very interesting and thought provoking…

What is the mighty hunter holding from the refridgerator?
looks like sliced “coldcuts” (meat)

Why is he holding a bow in front a fridge full of food?

Is he going to make and devour a ham sandwich or go hunting… or do both?

He looks well fed (healthy)… must be a good hunter or subsist from a well stocked refridgerator / kitchen / supermarket.

What is he thinking? He seems to have a dilemma, whether to go hunting or make a sliced ham sandwich? Perhaps hunting is not providing enough food or the hunter prefers the ease (and taste) of store bought food.

What or who is he looking at? seems to be looking at me (or you)

Looks like a drawing of a drawing, laying on a tiled countertop or floor.

I wonder what response/grade his art teacher gave his drawing?

Thanks again for sharing your artwork, T.O. It’s interesting to connect your hand drawn self portrait with your web persona that you have expressed in writing on this forum. You might find it interesting to compare your 21st century hunter/gatherer artwork with some of your relatives (we are all related) prehistoric hunter/gatherer artwork.

Orion >>


I don’t want to say what the drawing “means.” I think the purpose of art is for it to elicit some sort of response from the observer. I think that when an artist supplies the “meaning”, the observer losses the chance for the art to speak to them.

I drew this from a staged photograph. So it’s is a drawing of a picture sitting on the kitchen floor.

I was having trouble taking a picture, because if I use flash the graphite shines and the areas that are really dark look white.

While I think the bow is an unnecissary prop for the rewilders here, I found it neccisary to inspire the kind of experiance I was attempting to in the non-rewilders in my art class.

In the picture, and in the drawing, I was attempting to keep myself emotionless. I’m not trying to physicaly express anything, just to portray the scene and let the observer draw thier own conclusions.

If you really want to know what the drawing means to me, shoot me a PM.

Thanks for your interest.