The Lone Mountain Man


Yeah… whenever I talk to someone with anti-civilization sentiment, I always get stuff in response about hermits and lone cavemen …


In college I wore a backpack pin that said, “Imagine … a world without multi-national corporations.” One of my classmates scorned, “Yeah, let’s go back to the Middle Ages.”

What he didn’t know was that I was thinking entirely outside of Western civilization. :wink:

I think that what many people don’t realize is that civilization is only one society among many possibilities, some of which are still being enacted today (although to some degree endangered or inflluenced by civilization). So they assume that anybody who rejects civilization is rejecting human society at large.


yeah. essentially, they equate completely civilization with society, as in without civilization, there is no society.


Yes, you stated it better than I did.

I am overedumacated. :frowning:


The vapor caves in Glennwood Springs Colorado were used as torture and punishment as well as spiritual quest. Maybe the quest for adulthood was to prove you could withstand the ultimate hardship of being alone.


Wow. This thread is almost too much for my brain to wrap around, like many here. I am very impressed, it’s great to see so many people of intellegence here! As said, society is different from civilization. As also said, there are many different ways for civilization to be enacted. The way I see it, I am anti-this-current-civilization. There are far too many flaws, and I have never thought of rewilding as being totally apart from all human beings. I have always thought of it more as a communal effort, a group of like minded people living in a self reliant way, separate from the current civilization’s norms. My friend and I have been talking about it for quite awhile. The two of us, maybe more after a bit of time has elapsed, moving up into the mountains, or maybe running away to the desert, and surviving on our own. That is how I have always seen this process of “disappearing” being enacted. Just my opinion, though.


Sometimes I believe this is what I will have to be, alone, much like the stereotypes but less simple minded, in order to feel content.

But it would be lonely, on the edge of things… not what I really desire.


this is the tranny granny. i have done and seen done all that the nasayers say is impossable . i would like to take away all of those excuses they are so fond of. i can see no reason in waiting for civilization to fall to bust a move. in fact i see the need to return now to highgrade the human element . who would you be, those who move out now in spite of impires threats andits comforts in the culture of death, or those who will only go when those threats are removed and trhe option of civilization has evaporated? when i am in the way none of you are there to show this to when i am available to you in your world and even in this format you say i have to be a poser with you and i have no credebility. to answer this delema i have been helped to bridge this gap by many of my friends both native and nonnative. let me show you. then do it yourself and build your own clan in it. shemaw shicheen


I feel that the issue of total self-sufficiency versus community-level subsistence isn’t a question of “can it be done” so much as it is a question of “what constitutes the good life?”. There’s no reason that somebody who is well equipped with proper knowledge and skills can’t go out and do it alone.

In fact, hermit-style self-sufficiency confers many practical benefits that are overlooked in these sorts of debates. Being concerned only about one person’s survival means that food and water resources are in much greater relative abundance and their acquisition do not require moral considerations - after all, it’s only YOUR life you’re looking out for. The key thing to keep in mind is that moral and ethical considerations have no meaning outside of a community life, so many dilemnas that exist in community life would be irrelevant to a loner.

Obviously, what I just described would seem repulsive to most people on this board - I see many people here attracted to “rewilding” on the basis of ethical considerations and greater quality of their relationships to humans and other life, which a “lone” lifestyle is entirely antithetical to. The need for the vast majority of human beings of emotional connection is what drives the need to exist on a community level - not strict practical dilemnas. We understand ideas and concepts through language (something that only exists socially); and much of our body’s functions are regulated by our connections with other people (search on the web about a hormone called
oxytocin to see what I mean). I think many people who fail at living in the wilderness alone fail because the absence of social stimulation creates insanity that leads to engaging in self-destructive behaviors.

I’ve thought about this one a lot, because I was initially attracted to primitivism on the basis of getting away from material dependence on other human beings, hence allowing me greater freedom from social & moral norms. I do not have the experience of knowing what it’s like to “belong” to a larger group than myself, nor am I aware of any such need internally. Nonetheless, it was fasciating to see people getting into the same things… but for the opposite reasons (as I see on this board, and at the primitive skills gatherings I’ve been to). I wouldn’t doubt there are many people that probably could eke out a long-term loner existence in the wilderness, simply because the great degree of individual variation in what people’s emotional needs are. But we wouldn’t know about them, because they wouldn’t post here or interact with society in such a way that would render them a memory…


you are so right . i can only add we are looking for others to join us at coyote camp on the hoop in the great basin and the snake camp in the basin and up into oregon . we can be contacted through contact names are kim slayton for the old shoshone hoop in nevada idaho and finisia medrano for piaute hoop in nevada cali and oregon and in my usual care free way 2o8 406 7818 is my cell #


What does one need before joining you at Coyote camp?
Where is Coyote camp?
What is expected of one at Coyote Camp?
What can one expect from Coyote Camp?
Do I need to bring money to buy food with?
Do I need to bring my own shelter?
Should I practice any escential skills?
What level of physical health should I have?

I have only just recently found myself. I grew up in “civ.” I have begun taking long walks, and on those walks I can feel mother nature calling me. I want to answer her call and join her. I feel like I don’t know how to talk to and listen to her. I feel like I was never taught the language, I was never shared the wisdom. I feel that while I should have been learning in my childhood, instead I was memorizing “facts” from books.

I can no longer ignore mother natures call. I joined this board to find others who hear this call. I know that a journey taken alone is far harder than a journey taken with friends.

I will be traveling home to Michigan for December and early January. After this, I will be preparing to leave. It is my hope that I might join you. I have read the vision. While I cannot know that it is “the way”, I know that the road I walk now isn’t. I hope that by joining you I will be able to learn the language of the mother. That I will be able to join with her and live a true life. Even if I find your vision and mine are not one, I hope that we might share and grow together for a time.

If it is more appropriate for these things to be discussed in private, I understand. It is my intention that this conversation be public, so others here can benefit.

Sincerest Thanks.

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What does one need before joining you at Coyote camp?
Where is Coyote camp?
What is expected of one at Coyote Camp?
What can one expect from Coyote Camp?
Do I need to bring money to buy food with?
Do I need to bring my own shelter?
Should I practice any escential skills?
What level of physical health should I have?

[center]Some of the Coyotes [/center]

This One,

I commend you for your resolution to step out of your door, into the natural world and join like minded individuals living a simpler more natural life with the land. I am not the best person to answer all of your questions as I am mainly the webweaver and messenger for Coyote’s Camp at . I suggest you call Finisia Medrano on her cell phone at (208) 406-7818 where she is camped in a Rewilding Haven 1 1/2 hours from Portland. If you live in that area you could join her and several others who are joining her over the weekend, tending the land and planning a 2nd Root Festival there in August. My connection with Finisia Medrano and Coyote’s Camp is explained here…

I just called Kimmie Jo to see what’s the latest with Coyote Camp. Right now Coyote’s Camp is somewhat scattered around Northern California, Oregon, Washgington, and Idaho. In January 2009 Kimmie Jo, Jon the Bicyclist, Lauren, Adrian, Sarah and hopefully you will be gathering for Winter Camp in a rustic cabin near Arco Idaho. At winter camp they will be jerky making, brain tanning hides, candle making, beadwork, flour making from 75 lbs of Pinon nuts, story telling and other “old ways” to pass the cold winter days and nights. Everyone except Kimmie Jo are in there 20’s, and she is middle age and very young at heart. Kimmie Jo suggested that you call her and she will answer all of your questions, and tell you more about Winter Camp, where you would be welcomed if you want to join them. Kimmie Jo’s Telephone Number is 775-385-5000 and I told her that you would be calling her.

Here is how I would anwer your questions. Finisia and Kimmie Jo might answer them a bit differently…

What does one need before joining you at Coyote camp?
A love for the land and nature, the desire to live according to “the old ways” in harmony with the land, giving back more than you take. The ability to carry your own weight, and to share what you have. Able to rough it without the modern comforts of civilization.

Where is Coyote camp?
Coyote camp is a loosely affiliated clan of about 15 to 30 rewilders who are nomadic and follow natures bounty (roots, nuts, berries, game) according to the seasons. Some travel in the Pacific hoop from Northern Ca to Washington. Some travel in the Great Basin Hoop from Southern Nevada to Central Idaho. Some of them converge for the various camps during the year… Root Camp and Festival on the Camas Prarie near Arco ID in June (and perhaps a 2nd Root Camp on the Little Klickitat Rewilding Haven in August), Berry Camp near Council Idaho in August, Pinon Camp on the Soutern Cal/Nevada border (Yerington) or Austin Nevada whereever the Pinon nuts are plentiful… and then Winter Camps which are scattered.

What is expected of one at Coyote Camp?
Live and let live, carry your own weight, come bearing gifts.

What can one expect from Coyote Camp?
A sense of family and community, learn “the old ways”, learn how to Tend The wild and plant native permaculture to “mend the hoop”.

Do I need to bring money to buy food with?
Yes… each coyote must be self sufficient.

Do I need to bring my own shelter?
Tent and sleeping bag, and some camping gear

Should I practice any essential skills?
Some basic skills would be helpful but are not necessary… The Coyotes will share their skills and knowledge with you.

What level of physical health should I have?
Good health

But Call Kimmie Jo… she can answer better than I can… and you can make plans for you to join them at Winter Camp in January…

Thank you for sharing your deep desire and determination to escape your civilized life and join with Coyote Camp, Living On the Hoop.

Anyone else who is interested in learning more or joining Coyote Camp… please call Finisia at (208) 406-7818 or Kimmie Jo at 775-385-5000


Orion >>

[center]Root Camp & Festival[/center]

Although I agree that the lone mountain men image is civilizations way of creating an alienated image of those who rewild, I have to stand up for the rewilded hermits of the world.  I disagree with the theory that there aren't civilized people who have completely rewilded alone.  There are countless accounts of this, some can be read on:
I met a man who traveled through China to photograph hermits for the book Road to Heaven: Encounters with Chinese Hermits. These people have rewilded and faced incredible odds to live a lifestyle that can hardly be explained.
I have hermit tendencies myself, and have spent many years of my life in the wild, some of that time alone, and without agricultural food. Being alone in the wild is extremely difficult, and you do go “crazy.” It is one of the most difficult situations a civilized human can put themself in. But, as many who have actually done this have probably realized, you are never alone in the wild.
I don’t mean to glorify this way of life, because I, like many, came back to civ looking for people to be wild with. I need relationships with people to do my healing on Earth. All I’m trying to add to this post is recognition that there are long-haul hermits, and encouragement for those who think they have what it takes to choose that path. I believe that some of the most powerful people on Earth are hermits. Their power is a magical power that is near impossible to understand or explain, and usually can’t be seen in the accounts. I have found in my path the spirit power is extremely diluted whenever I try to show it off.
The most potent rewilding I have ever done has been when I’ve spent over 10 days in the wild without human contact or agricultural food. For all those who haven’t done this, I challenge you to do it. It feels like ten weeks! If you have a vacation from work, what better way to expand that time!


There isn’t much difference between being alienated for a brief period of time or an extended period of time, in my opinion, so long as the lone one doesn’t give up and eventually breaks free.

There are many lonesome, obsessive activities.

Those who climb back out of the abyss always return with gifts. And when you’re really far down, discouraging cries cannot be distinguished from encouraging cries.


I am another that would have to disagree with the idea that rewilding solitarily is unsustainable. I am a veteran, and have followed the tragedy of homeless veterans. While the usual image of homeless veterans tends to be the alcaholic beggar on the street corner, in reality, the majority of homeless veterans “rewild” out of a need for solitude and healing. Often veterans have experienced horrors that make them unable to associate with non-veterans, maintain relationships and employment. As a result of their higher than usual survival skill level, many veterans simply melt away into out nations back lands. To this day it is not uncommon to come across lone veterans living a primitive lifestyle. They are less obvious for a reason. They remain hidden and alone on purpose.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs has always included estimates of “Homeless” veterans residing in our nations forests. The largest demographic is actually Vietnam vets that have resided in the wild for the past 30 years. Currently there are estimates of how these numbers will swell as returning vets from the Iraq/Afganistan wars choose to rewild (even tho they dont know it as such).

I think that providing support for our returning vets by sharing knowledge and skills with them would go a long way toward expanding our pool of friends as well as gaining a tremendous resource in the form of their experiences.

when we think of building rewild communities, we should consider veterans, both for how we can help them heal, and in how they can teach us.


But is that actual rewilding? Rewilding is more than just primitive living. It involves the development of new culture. One person isn’t a culture.


It seems everyone has their definition of rewilding.Does someone own a monopoly on the word?


Yes! The all-powerful and all-knowing Wikipedia!*

[size=6pt]*Power and knowledgeability subject to change.[/size]


I think there is obvious dissagreement over 2 very basic ideas…

When to rewild.

How to rewild.


Most seem to think you must build a community first, and then wait for some “grand sign” to begin the transition.

Others refer to the current collapse AS the “grand sign”, but still take no action other than preparation.

Still others seem intent to just stay where they are and slowly rewild as PART of Civ.


Most think a community is absolutly necessary.

Some think that a community is NOT necessary.

Some people think that starting alone and growing community as others join/show up.

My question(s) is (are):

Do you expect to have a community/group/tribe that will all choose to rewild all at once, or will it start with one, and have others join as the time is right in their eyes? If you are in a group, why are you waiting? If you are alone, why are you waiting? If you are waiting, what are waiting for?

I am one who’s time has come. I am rewilding. there are others that may follow when the time is right for them. I go into an area that others are already wild.

We are just 2 legged animals. And like all animals we are entering a transition.

Bears are Solitary. Deer herd, Wolves run in packs. But they all spend some time alone. Some leave their family units to live a solitary life (bears). Some leave when they reach a certian age and seek another herds/packs (deer/wolves), or to start their own.

They each do it when the time is right for them…

I would love to have others come with me, but it seems there is noone in my area that feels now is the time. I know of a few other solitary rewilders in the same region that are already out. I do hope I stumble across then, but it’s BIG country out there.

I do have one solution for this that works for me.

Since I am just a few days away from my walk, I will send the coordinates for my summer and winter locations out to many of you. Keep them for when others in my area wish to go, but look for someone to go with them. I will already be out and, in my opinion, ANYONE that wants to rewild is welcome, for I have yet to find anything that would make me reject someone.

I am ready for my needs and only ask whoever joins me to be ready to meet theirs. Visits are always welcome too.

For those who’s time has come, I think this would be smart. It would rely on a person or group that would serve as a source to pass out the coordinates. I am placing my trust in you all.

The Winter area has good resources. 4 legged and finned friends abound. It is unused in the winter months, and very light use in the summer (a few hikers that tend to stick to trails).

The Summer area will be vacated in the winter (Deeeeep snow) but offers good resources during the summer. 4 legged friends abound, finned are absent tho. Good soil thanks to mother. Very light use in the summer (a few hikers that tend to stick to trails).

The two areas are separated by a lightly used ex logging valley absolutly filled with 4 legged and rooted friends.

The Civ ™ uses aircraft for firewatch during the summer, but ignore/ can’t see small fires (like the tiny bit of smoke from small camp fires), only sending in someone if it looks like it is a forest fire.

The areas only see the ocasional hiker, and if they do happen to stumble acroos someone, just express envy.

Both locations are within a day or 2 hike from good scavenging locales.

Every path has it’s first step, every idea has it’s first person to awaken, every movement has it’s first person to act.


Thanks for sharing that Wenatcheeguy.

I wish you the very best on your journey.