Technical Difficulties


Technical Difficulty the First:

I can’t attach images anymore. Is anyone else having the same problem? Does anybody know why this is happening?


seems to work just fine for me?

What do you mean by attach images? Display like I did?

Make sure you are using the IMG tags right


No, I mean when I click on “Additional Options” I can’t upload a file by browsing for it.


ALSO, all of the images that I posted previously (using “Additional Options”) are gone! ??? Well, for me at least.

Would someone please check the Boy on a Stick and Slither thread (under ‘Rewilding Mind & Heart’) and see if they can see the comics?


yes, i can still see all the Boy on a Stick and Slither images.

perhaps something in your personal settings…?

i just looked thru my settings and i can’t find anything that seems to relate to this issue.


are you getting any kind of error message when you try to attach?

i was able to attach the little file below just fine. but when i tried a larger one, i got an error message saying that the file size can’t exceed 192k.


Weird, I can’t see it.

I don’t get any error messages. When I click on Add’nl Options it just gives me 6 check boxes.


hmm, so you’re getting these:

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but not getting the text box or browse button for attaching images?




PS - a thread named “technical difficulties” is really ironic on a rewilding message board. :smiley: