Summer Rewilding Camps in the US


Hey, does anyone know of Rewilding camps in the US that are held in the summer?


I know of something, but it isnt called a “rewild camp” specifically. A non-profit called Earthroots Field School does programs throughout the year in Orange County, CA, mostly for children and teens, but classes for adults happen as well. Lots of things like wild plant food preparation and fire making.


In Portland, we do one a month and the last Saturday every month. But for like, week long rendezvous, there is:

Buckeye, Northern CA (June?July?)
Echoes in Time, Salem OR (July)
Saskatoon, Twisp WA (July?)
Rabbitstick, Rexburg, ID (sept.)
Firefly, North Carolina, (July?)

These are all “Primitive Skills” gatherings, not necessarily “Rewild Camps”. But you can learn some amazing stuff there for rewilding.


Well, looks like I’ll have to take a trip up to Portland ;D Could you give me some more details about that? I could probably make it in December, since I will be on Winter Break (curse compulsory public education! shakes fist :P). Anyhow, I’d love to learn some skills and meet other rewilders in person.


Lynx Vilden has something called a project in the NW somewhere. Looks pretty good if you can get the time free.


Firemaker primitive skills gathering ( takes place the first week of July every year, on Vancouver Island, Canada. It just gets more amazing every year - not just learning hard & soft skills (workshops) but all the aspects of truly living in a community with others, with (non-appropriating) ceremonial traditions, like thanksgiving before meals, women’s & men’s circles, rites of passage, a healing tent, etc.

In the winter (February) there’s also a gathering in Arizona called Winter Count. For a good list of gatherings, check out


Thanks bereal, that is a great list.