Some tips about defecating

I didn’t know where would be the correct section to post it, i hope it is not very out of place here.

call me nasty, dirty or weird if you want, but i have some thoughts related with defecation i would like to talk about, and know others opinions.

Consider our friend, the apple. When an animal eats an apple, it profits by getting a meal. It swallows the seeds and then deposits them in a pile of dung. With some luck a new apple tree might grow, and so the apple tree has also profited from the arrangement. In nature as in finance, it is good business when both parties make profit happily. Consider what would happen if the animal were greedy and decided to eat the few extra calories contained within the apple seeds- then there would be no new apple tree to continue on the good work. So, to stop this from happening, the apple seeds contain toxins that have multiple effects:....
I think there is not much to discuss about this quote.

Shitting in a hole in the forest vs. compost toilets
I hope i can explain it in an easy way: Anybody knows if through the process of compost fermentation seeds are destroyed? I mean if they die, unable to become a plant anymore.
If so, composting fruits rests in a not discriminatory way, could be quite disrespectful with the plants from which it comes. I mean, if you put all the fruit rests to compost and dont keep the seeds for planting.

Shitting talk
I’ve always watched with interest the way dogs shit. It is just the animal i see doing it most times. Many of them, while doing it, look around like afraid, checking the surroundings, as while doing it they become a bit vulnerable. So when I am walking with a dog and he/she does it, I watch around thinking it could make them feel more comfortable, more safe. Actually, I am responsible for a dog and he started to do the same when I’m shitting in the forest.
When it’s about people, seems to be quite different. People doesn’t seem to have the same “fear” when doing it. Well, many civ (and supposed to be not so civ) people are afraid of anybody seeing them doing it. What keeps me thinking a lot is … why people (supposed to be not so civ) who dont care about nudity (bathing for example) want to be alone when shitting??
This kind of situation, specially during Urvision, made me think for a really long time. During the days of the Swedish gathering, some times when i was going to the “shit pit” I found somebody else proceeding to (may not be the correct word, but seems funny ;)) Even some times people self made buckskin clothes. And their reaction was many times the same: some kind of shame and asking (some times with words) me to keep away until finished. When it was me the one “proceeding” and somebody else was coming, my reaction was like “hey, how are you doing? just a minute” and the person coming was like stopping suddenly with the discovering of somebody squatting and going away some distance, or at least turning back., and waiting. Some times I was even actively asking for some conversation. yes, for me, shitting or waiting for shitting is a very boring activity.
Are the civ ways so deep inside us that we tend to behave completely different in such a natural situation? Would talking while shitting be such a weird thing?
F**ing hell! Some times I am shitting in some compost toilet with two seats, being both of them used (not one waiting until the other one gets filled up) and somebody coming prefers to wait away instead of just sitting next to me and use the other hole.
When I was living in a flat, or now when I visit somebody living in a flat, even if its obvious that somebody is using the toilet, the person shitting locks the door from inside. One girlfriend i had used to do the same, even in a bathroom with a door only to my room.

But here the exception that proves the rule: I was for some months sharing a flat with a quite civilized guy, and he not only left always the door of the toilet open, but we used to walk around the house naked in the extreme hot summer months.

opinions please

Who would want to be around someone who is shitting?? Shit STINKS!! Thats reason enough for me.