SarahFen's music


I thought maybe it would be kinda cool to post this here, since we’re just starting out together and we both identify with rewilding…

Anyways, Fen(Fenriswolfr) and I have been creating music together all summer, and it has been an amazing part of our relationship. We’ve written all of our songs together and they reflect our adventures and passions in many ways. We both sing, I play piano and Fen plays guitar. We had our first recording when we were in Michigan visiting his family together, and got about five songs done. It’s a start to what I think could be a really awesome adventure in the music world. I think our songs are very nature themed, and so maybe they relate to Rewilding in that way.

We only have two songs up online, and unfortunately they are only on a myspace music page, hopefully we can get them up on my personal site soon. So yeah, I’d love it if anyone would check it out and tell us what you think.

Here’s the link:

Oh, and I can post some lyrics to one of our newer songs that isnt recorded…this song is one of my favorite and was created when we were on the Oregon coast at my grandmother’s house, and Fen discovered that the room was a D chord room, haha, and so we made a song from there.

[center]Storm (The D chord room song)

Dark clouds pass us by, a hurricane in my eye,
soft cold turning seas, let this feeling turn over me,
the birds soar high and so do we, the ocean is our everything,
sun is nice, summer heat, i need a storm to stay on beat,

there was a time
when you and i
were violent storms
tumbling through the skies
our tide was high
our love was in
we flew-like the wind

sang a tune
our hearts in bloom
the shifting earth
the tides and moon
for raging waves
and crashing light
told the story
of what is right