Rewilding Wikipedia Page


For the longest time, (what 8 years now?) this page has been grossly inaccurate. I challenge you all to write a decent page for Rewilding!

There are two major sources now:

Rewild or Die by Urban Scout
Unlearn, Rewild by Miles Olsen

Cite this stuff and get rid of the funk!


I would love it if we could brainstorm some ways of making the rewilding wikipedia page a little more amazing. It’s a bit scrambled. We have a few literary sources to draw from (that are already in the index there) so clean it up a bit. Any suggestions?


That page does seem too sparse. What about including subsections for those realms of rewilding that came up during the PUGS class you taught recently, Peter? Animism, decolonization, resistance, etc? With examples and links to projects underway, articles, and so forth, related to each realm?

And what about including this too?


To me the biggest thing would be to emphasize planting back… the article touches on that a bit but I think it’s super important to discuss the agriculture to hunter gatherer continuum and methods of land tending as opposed to just walking around and picking whatever here or there. Decolonization as well, and how it relates to rewilding and some possible issues/conflicts that arise… I also second the animism or just sort of stories in general that a culture follows and how ours has led us astray.


Bumping this thread. It’d be good to hear from more people.