Rewilding Feminism Poster!


I decided to make this poster after coming up with the catch phrase, figuring it’s a good way to appeal to people with feminist sensibilities and maybe help people get into the liberatory aspect of rewilding. My partner is going to improve the image soon, since she’s better at graphic editing and computers in general (one of the fun ways we defy the gender stereotypes).

She’s thinking of putting faint words behind the top part that are reminiscent of the whole perfect 1950’s housewife thing, and maybe something natural looking faintly at the bottom.

Feel free to modify as you see fit, and of course put your own rewilding site address at the bottom instead of mine.


That’s awesome! I can’t wait to see it when your partners done with it!


New to the community and just came across this old post - would love to see the final version of the poster if you have it available. Many Thanks :slight_smile: