Rewilding Community Forming in Central Texas


Hey Y’all!

We’re forming an intentional community in central Texas.

Red Rock, TX
On 35 acres
50% fields, 50% forests, with 2 ponds
Target Size: between 12 and 18 full members
Collapse aware & preparing
The land is paid off (no mortgage)
In a rural setting
Separate incomes (not income-sharing community)
Long-term leased, closely situated housing plots
No zoning or building restrictions in our location
Communal ownership of the whole piece of land
Consensus decision making
No restrictions on spirituality, diet, sexual orientation, etc.
Wildlife tax exemption (one step beyond Ag. Exemption)


Please contact me if you’re interested in learning more.



It’s been quite a while since I was on the site…

At any rate: the community project has stopped for a variety of reasons. We may start it up again in the future, but I doubt it!


Interested in hearing your story about it. The good bad and ugly. Maybe help out someone else thinking of something like this?


HEY! so i just moved to texas from the nw and i am in dire need of some rewildy friends! i live in SE texas on the border between Louisiana and tx… so if you know of anyone basically between Houston and New Orleans… well… i would like to kick it with them, or you… or whoever… let me know!

we can talk, adventure, craft, do interpretive dances of our favorite anti civ texts…oh the possibilities!