Rewilding 101 Class Fall 2019


This forum is for people attending the class Rewilding 101, taught by Peter Bauer, in fall of 2019. It’s intended to include discussion about topics from the homework. It makes sense (to me) to have it in one spot rather than try and find existing threads that fit the homework and adding to those.


Week 1 Homework element: “What is the ecological role of Homo sapiens?”
Here’s some starting list of our evolved characteristics:
Tenderers - tending of foods, fires, lands, each other
Dispersers - we move around easily and we take things with us
Omnivores -
Sensory - since we are both predator and prey we have sensitive brain-bodies that alert us to danger, maybe that’s literally everything alive though (just different)
Makers - we create tools for tending and for general life supports


Yesss, all those things. I’d say we’re here to care for the land through deep connection to it—by tending, planting back (both deliberately and not, as when we harvest nettle stalks and the seeds naturally drop in the process), working with fire on the ground, pooping seedy poop. Maintaining resilience and connection in many directions.