Rewilder young folks


ran into a youngesh couple at the farmers market today who are trying a rewild life here in the high desert they said it is pretty tough… sure is no plants really at this time of year to help them out to speak of, water is hard to come by as it has been so dry. they do not really know the area at all , I tried to point out a few places that might help them out … they seemed a bit lost and depressed about it at this point , they do not want to give up but might wait until spring time to try again which would be smarter … inj the meantime suggested they learn more about the area in general…they are learning a hard lesson the hard way hope they keep at it might see them again told them how to get in touch with me… etc… told them to avoid the national park… they had no clue. one has to prepare a little bit at the least. with no desert experience it is a death trap…

hope to hear from them again… but they just might think Im some old desert rat who doesnt know jack , ya never know…



Hahaha classic. I was probably a lot more like that when I was younger. I think there is a “no compromise” attitude, like, “people who are not doing this fully primitively just don’t know anything.” Later you realize no one is doing it, and it’s rather impossible at the moment and you open yourself up more to people doing what they can. Hopefully we’re all pushing that edge a bit to pull it more toward rewilding.