Rewild your pelvis - the health benefits of squatting


Great article at on the horrible destruction wrought upon us by the modern toilet.


Just when I think I’ve identified every single way that civilization is toxic… Well, it’s fortunate that nobdy can watch me in the bathroom anyway, since I’ll doubtless look silly squatting on top of the toilet from now on.


we need to reinvent the so called modern toilet… some will need a hand hold… in the wild while out and about it is the way … glad I spend a lot of time in the wilderness. For other reasons as well…

The toilet seems to always be a taboo subject , funny as it is as natural as breathing…

good post…



That’s an awesome page, thanks for posting that Monica! Have you heard of the “squatty potty?”


The author of the article is not a fan of the squatty potty–but then he is selling a competing product though his website. Still, I don’t get the impression he is selling his individually handmade squatting platforms to make lots of money.


BTW, I love that there are a few of us here actually “brave” enough to discuss this in a public forum. The modern toilet goes back to the Victorian era, and I guess it brings all that Victorian prudishness and repression along with it into our modern so-called-culture.


Ahaha, well, there’s not much room to be squeamish in nature. Letting “proper” Victorian morals get in the way of health and practicality isn’t something I’d expect any serious primitivist to allow.


I love talking about poop and pooping so, this is the right crowd. :smiley:


Christmas day is my wifes birthday I got her a card that read… smile and the world smiles with you … poop yer pants and you party alone… she laughed…

the book “:how to shit in the woods” is a good read… but you really dont a book to tell how to do it … you do what works naturally… dont fall backwards. that is a rule…



People need to start adapting the traditional style toilets used in some places in Japan (made for squatting!):