Rawhide containers


I think Billy posted a picture some time ago of a water dish for his cat made fom moose rawhide.
It looked very beautiful and tough. I am curious how you treated it to be waterproof, Billy, and how you made it in general. I’ve heard that wet rawhide heated to a certain temp. will take the shape of molds better? We have 2 salted cowhides from helping some nearby folks skinning and butchering their cows, it would be amazing to make some containers for food or water out of the thick skin.


I had one book showing rawhide containers used for boiling water/cooking.


I think this is what you are referring to.


Yea, that’s awesome; did you waterproof it? If so, how? Does anyone know if rawhide cooking containers were greased or smoked to make them waterproof?


No I didn’t put anything on it. When I made that one I wasn’t happy with my first attempt so I re-soaked it and did it again. It took about six hours of soaking in a barrel of water, some working over a cable, and more soaking to get it soaked up again.
After four hours in the barrel it was barely flexible at all. The moose hide is pretty thick.
Using it with liquid in it for short term stuff wouldn’t be any problem.