Hello Willem… I’ll let Finisia speak for herself when she logs on again within a week or two. As her webmeister / messenger and friend… I want to Thank you for your enthusiastic encouragement, support and for your recent Blog entry THE NEW UNDERGROUND RAILROAD http://www.mythic-cartography.org/2008/06/13/the-new-underground-railroad/ I like your comparison of Finisia’s work rewilding the Great Basin area to The Underground Railroad carrying humans out of Slavery.

If I had met Finisia when I was in my idealistic, care-free “foot loose” twenties, living in a teepee with almost nothing to lose, back when I was a Free’er Spirited Young Lad, I probably would have gladly hitched a ride on her covered wagon and headed out into the desert to learn and live a hunter gatherer life… for awhile… just like Jon the Bicylist is doing now. Now 35 years later I am “caught in the devil’s bargain” enslaved in the chains of Material Possessions, 4 acres to mow, a house, "treasures’ to safeguard & insure, a garden to water & harvest, bills to pay, horseless buggy to feed, etc… I am “back to the Vegetable Garden” and living the Retirement I Dreamed of having… and I feel trapped and utterly discontent right now… yearning to feel free. I am free to do almost anything I want to do, go anywhere I want to (all within reason) and I don’t have a clue what it is that I really want to do or where I want to go. Living a simple nomadic life on the land in a covered wagon sounds so wonderful, yet wherever I go and whatever I do “There I am”.

I have told Finisia that I don’t believe she will find many other people who are willing to give up their foothold in the civilized world and step out into the primitive hunter/gatherer nomadic lifestyle that she lives in. For many of us it seems to be more of a hobby or pastime that we engage in while we are also busily engaged as a cog in the gears of civilization. Rewilding is something we talk about and sometimes engage in, like on weekends, on vacation, but we still willingly enslave ourselves in the civilized world and ways, because it offers us comforts and “freedoms” and security that we are not willing to sacrifice for the hardships (and spiritual freedoms) of a full time lifestyle of primitive rewilding / hunting / and gathering in the uncivilized wilderness. Many of us, including myself, are torn between the two worlds, and afraid to cut our “umbilical cord” to the civilized world… so we reluctantly participate in civilization’s destruction of the natural world, while we wait for the “Collapse” and are forced into Survival Mode with 6.8 Billion other screaming, clawing, starving human beings. Very few are willing to actually disengage from civilization and dedicate/commit their life to working to “save mother earth” by planting back native plants in the desert, as she has been doing for 10+ years.

Finisia understands this and speaks of an Inner Circle and an Outer Circle of the life hoop that she follows, inspired from the Native American Round Dances. There are the Dancers on the outer edges of the circle and there are the fire keepers, bundle keepers, water witches, vision caregivers, sitting in the middle of the circle. The Outer Circle are those like herself who are “Dancing the Dance” and the Inner Circle are those who are Supporting the Dance… as I am doing as her Internet messenger, you with rewild.info and anyone else actively contributing something to the “Rewilding Renaissance”.

Part of Finisia and Coyote Camps vision is to create an Inner Circle of privately owned Sanctuaries around the Hoop where the nomadic “Dancers” can find refuge to camp and hold Potlatches as they follow the Hoop and Seasons, replanting and living in unison with the land. You can read more about Finisia’s Vision at http://www.pullingforwildflowers.org/vision.htm

Finisia appreciates the support of the Inner Circle that supports her in her Primitive Rewilding Dance in the Outer Hoop of the Great Basin. She also wishes that she were not so alone in her work and that more supporters would stand up and join her in Dancing the Dance.

Sorry for the long-winded post.


Thanks for that! It didn’t feel long winded at all. That helped me understand Finisia’s goals and how she sees her work.

I have a personal story to tell, in response to something that you brought up, the idea of “willing enslavement to civilization”.

I think that putting it that way reveals something interesting about our situation. As they say in the noir movies, “everyone has their price”. What does it mean to “willingly enslave” yourself? This reminds me of addictive relationships. Addiction still plays a big role in my life, but in a topsy-turvy way. I realized something not too long ago, that I don’t shy away from the classic image of the rewilding life (wearing buckskins, living in the mountains, sitting round the campfire, etc.) because of my addictions, I have addictions because I don’t live a holistically rewilded life. My addictions help me to cope with life in civilization, they don’t keep me there (once again, telling just my story here). They dope the anguish of living in the city.

Now, why do I live in the city?

Family. Meaning. Culture. Story. Community.

I can’t imagine abandoning my mother, father, brother (and his fiancee), sister (and her loving boyfriend), my friends Peter, Lisa, Tony (both Tonys), Mike, and so on. Some of these people would consider relocating to a healthier space if I asked them; most wouldn’t. Some would, but can’t do it quite yet, stuck in the cycle of debt and figuring out their own life goals.

I spent two years bumping around from commune to commune, playing at adopting strangers as family, trying to get the same meaning out of relationships with people I’d just met, as with the ones I’d left behind and who, in their own way, know me inside and out.

This didn’t work out at all. Not only that, but the Story we lived together didn’t feel satisfying; the culture we enacted together resembled secular puritanism (good/bad, right/wrong, judgment, blame, shame) just like in the city.

I suspect this happens to a lot of folks, who want to rewild in the way Finisia offers, but simply don’t know how to get their needs met for deep family connections, meaningful story, and satisfying community.

In large part because of these experiences, I went from obsessing over wilderness survival to obsessing over the more invisible aspects of indigenous life, family and story. How do we revitalize them?

Anymore, I see everyone as doing their own unique “rewilding”, because of issues like this; each of us has needs, some unique and others common, that only we know how to address. For some, their inner nature means they may never leave the city (at least not until they figure out how to meet its needs away from the city); for others, they have an inner nature that matches well this generation of rewilding-away-from-the-city. I believe everyone, including you Orion, heroically struggles with discovering themselves and staying honest with what rewilding means for them.

Hmph. Talk about long-winded! :slight_smile:

My personal goal: (for those who need it for their rewilding), to help members of the culture of rewilding figure out how to think no longer in terms of “individuals fleeing civilization”, but in terms of “families renewing together”. To me this means a great renewal and rebirthing of nourishing family traditions, so that those of us with family members who don’t rewild, suddenly they may see us in a new light, not as freaks or members of a “counter-culture”, but as loving family, supporting and enlivening them.

I could go on and on about this, but suffice to say: we desperately need Finisia. We desperately need you. We desperately need the gutter punks. And the academics. And the primitivists. All of them! We have a lot of things to put back together. I don’t personally think in terms of “why folks won’t leave civ” anymore, but rather “what nest-building remains so that folks can leave civ and live in a new, nourishing culture?”.



Thanks Willem for your insightful, “more long-winded than mine” reply which I found very interesting. I appreciate your thoughts on addictions, willing enslavement to civilization and your personal story of your past search for “family” in commune settings and your eventual return to the city and your roots in your real family. I agree with you that we can all play our own unique role and make our own important contributions to Rewilding.

Orion >>


I do say I think we need it all, Finisia replanting wildflowers on the Hoop, Willem replanting the invisible technologies, others sharing their more physical technologies, and academic as well. No one can hit all them, how overwhelming, but how would we do without them? Sure it may all lead to a bit of frivolous debate and ‘talk’ instead of ‘walk’ at times, but for me at the moment, I’ve been almost using as a replacement to my past addictions. And like Willem said, my addictions didn’t keep me in civilization, they were actually an escape (mental) from it, as a coping mechanism. So I have replaced my video game addiction with rewilding, and instead of reading strategy guides and studying replays I read rewilding literature and such videos. The difference though comes out in my entire being, and that it aids me in growth and information and stories I can share even with people outside of rewild.info rather than… well yeah… not…
and just to know that what I do and learn now, can and will stay and have use for me the rest of my life (sure it may continue to change and shape and grow) rather than an addiction for the just here and now.

I just got back from Arco with Finisia and Jamie and I had a wonderful time (apart from getting a bit sick possibly from the rapid climate change, cool n wet to hot n dry). I really enjoyed learning from Finisia about completing our circles, and instead of simply taking, giving back at the same time. When I fell sick we made some willow bark tree. I went out and cut a branch off a tree, and then Finisia instructed me on how to replant the stems of the branch so they will grow into more trees. Creating abundance, and giving all things their life. I want to learn more about completing my circles in all things I do, it feels wonderful and sustainable in my relationships to do so.

I also took away with me just how much and the possibility living and rewilding in the arid west. That people can live and thrive in such an environment (though sure it looks different now than before)! Kind of a great mental and morale boost in a way, to see all the wild onions and breadroots and such growing in spite of it all. Though, also hard and sad to see the destruction of it… and the spreading of invasive plants… like feeling continuously robbed and back stabbed.


shemaw shicheen i can say this to willem . i hold only my own vision. i would encourage you . if my words or tone bite try planting wilderness.thanks tranny granny


A little off topic here but what does shemaw shicheen mean?


Tranny Granny, this doesn’t really address my concerns. Please don’t offer unasked-for advice here at rewild.info. Thank you for holding space for what you do. I hope to visit y’all soon at one of your camps.


then i dont understand your concerns or why you have them shemaw shicheen is navaho for my fake grandmother


My concerns: please honor the guidelines we’ve established here for the content of our posts.

  1. Tell your own story
  2. Ask questions
  3. No unsolicited/unasked for advice for others.


[quote=“Willem, post:20, topic:886”]I really support the work you do - rewild.info exists to serve exactly people like you, who hold space for the important work that needs doing. Thanks so much for posting here! We need people like you as a new underground railroad!

It sounds like you need people passionate about stewarding and renewing the wild food and land. I definitely want to help you with this.

I ask for help from you also - help to keep people feeling respected and safe here, so they can bare their souls and tell stories about the agony and ecstasy along the path of rewilding, and thus enrich the culture of rewilding for all of us. I worry that in your references to cursing people, you may intend to mean folks here. That this may inspire some folks to feel that what they do doesn’t count as rewilding, or counts less than what others do. I know most rewilders already struggle a lot with feelings of shame, self-hate, and rage, and I want this place to stand as a respite from such pressures… I tell you this just to let you know my concerns, certainly not that you actually intended this.

…Perhaps we can figure out together how to get your message out to as many people as possible. You’ve got a Root Camp and Festival in Arco Idaho until June 28th, right?

Who else on the board wants to support this and get as many of the rewilders who need this there as possible?[/quote]


Willem clearly expressed his support for you and his concerns in his reply quoted above… especially “help to keep people feeling respected and safe here”. We don’t need to be Preaching “Hell, Fire, Shame, Blame, Curses and Damnation” Sermons to the Rewilding Choir here. We all have our own unique gifts and abilities to contribute to Rewilding. We all thrive and grow on praise, encouragement, kindness and inspiration. Curses and condemnation has a withering effect.

As your messenger I need to convey the message to you that Willem is WITH YOU, NOT AGAINST YOU!! He has kindly Thanked you for your work (several times), promoted your work in his Blog, offered to help you get your message out to as many people as possible, even promoted your Root Festival!! And he recently wrote… “I hope to visit y’all soon at one of your camps”. I think we should be welcoming, accepting and working with Willem.

I am very Thankful to Willem for his enthusiastic support for you. Thanks Willem!! I hope Finisia will accept your gracious offer.

Thanks Finisia for dedicating your life to living with the land and replanting the native plants of the Great Basin, teaching others to do the same, and for recently sharing your home, hospitality, wisdom, experience and rewilding skills with the 17+ “Coyotes” that attended this years Root Festival Camp.

Orion >>


Yeah, so, in the spirit of moving forward. . .

When and where will the berry camp happen? I see Council, ID on the map. Looks like a little shorter journey from Portland :).–and with little more advance notice, I may head out there. Info please? I couldn’t find anything on pullingforwildflowers.org.


in th espirit of a happy contrition i want to thank you willem for the help and wisdom you shared and your tolerance for my inexperience in this medium. also thank you orion for your gentle hazzing to keep me on track . being reminded of those running rules is very helpful. i will be more aware. thanks for your help here in this forum to post our efforts. in this way also i want you to know we here in camp are going to the marys river north of elko nev next week to plant some 700lbs of these native ediable wild flowers . we will make postings on the site. thanks all. smemaw shicheen


Thanks for your interest in Berry Camp. I just called Fin in Arco for more details and she welcomes you to join her and the other “Coyotes” at Berry Camp during the month of August.

Since she had to leave both of her wagons behind in Nevada, she may be traveling the 250 mile (3 week) cross country route by “pack string” (3 horses) and can not pinpoint her exact arrival date but it should be around the 7th of August, in the mountains South of McCall Idaho. Finisia asks that anyone interested please call her on her cell phone at (208) 406-7818 to discuss how best to renedezvous in the wild amidst the beautiful wildberries.

Oh… Fin logged on and left a post while I was composing this. I believe the area they are replanting next week North of Elko NV (see her post above) was burned last summer in wildfire. You can also call her at (208) 406-7818 if you wish to join in the “hands on” healing of this wounded and scarred landscape.

Orion >>


A letter from Finisia in jail…
to the Lemhi County Court

(This is an exact copy of what I gave to the court) I would like it to be known that the reasoning in my violations is a deliberate act of civil disobedience. This was to bring to light that I have been violating U.S. Government treaties of war by engaging in that indigenous life way that was disallowed to force the native onto reservations and to complete the genocide of that life way.

I find life in this civilized way unconscionable and immoral! I find myself without freedom of conscience in it. For twenty-five years I have been planting back the native food flowers of lomatium, cymopterus, bitterroot, yampa, lilies, and berries without permit on public lands. I have done so to complete my cycles and to give life to that which fed me. If I am always planting these flowers there is constantly more of these plants rather than less. This is my duty to God and to Earth. I have been doing this secretly, knowing that I am a violator of statute, code and treaty. I have come out of the closet, so to speak, in order to bring to the attention of all, the injustice of these laws that continue to enforce the genocide on this way of life. I do this only to follow my spiritual convictions, and to have any sense of conscience.

I further am of the opinion that there is criminality in civilization that is not unlawful. It is criminal what is done to the Big Lost River system in favor of farming industries, as is the damning of rivers and the results of salmon depletion, and destroying ozone in nuclear test. I’ve tried many times to assimilate into society but it would require a psychosis of denial to all of these realities. I find I would forfeit my soul and live a fabric of lies in order to enjoy myself in the destruction and extinctions and genocides required by civilization.

I would hope that the destructive results of the civilized world would result in some relinquishment of dominion and that those who destroy this way of life and continue to forbid it could find reason to begin to allow those of us who can to engage in a socio-environmental experiment to show once again how I and others can be effective in enlivening the natural world.

I have many friends who would like to participate in supporting this or being this thing I call human being. I believe all those who will not complete their circle and give life back to mother earth for all that she gives us, are not standing up to their obligation to creator, creation or even their own children. I am asking for your help to establish this way again. I am doing this as a way to blaze a trail to liberty in this way and to open the door to it so that those who would choose this can, without threats of incarceration that I now face for doing such things.

There is now only 2% of God’s aboriginal planting left on earth. I reject that I should be criminal to live a migratory, planting back, walks in beauty way. This hoop in the west is the last place on earth where it is even possible to live in that symbiotic way. All over the earth this aboriginal planting has been done away with. The earth has been made to be like a girdled tree and here in my home in the west is the last small ribbon of bark. Even so, there isn’t any slacking of exploitation of the last 2%. Here even now these plants and animals are being plowed and burned and ground to extinction and those who benefit from these thefts and murders are in denial in order to continue unabated. They are full of self-excuse and justification.

I am at a point in my life I would echo Patrick Henry, “Give my liberty or give me death.”… if I cannot be allowed this life way that my people and my Mother earth cry out for. All of nature is in travail crying out to us to be this kind of people and begin to revisit this old way that provided what Americans called a “Garden of Eden”… to do the work of restoration and re-creation. If I cannot have this, my life is worthless to me and a forfeiture. To be permanently incarcerated in jail or mental institution or grave is better than what I now live. I care for nothing else and for any life outside of this old way. I have strived to not be against anything but it is a fact that to be for a life giving way over a culture of death put me in a perspective where I am an outsider and all is against me and what I am for.

You tell yourselves maybe that you love nature but live outside of it, and the road kill under your tires does not know anything of love from you.

To have hope, I do not say these things in a condemning tone, but to have hope I need to see this liberty to be this kind of person. I am sick at heart to have sneaked around like a criminal for 25 years doing this.

Jesus told you that you make evil good and this good thing evil. I hope that I have illuminated a path where any can see this is now so. Further, I hope in seeing this thing with me, you can help me to change our legacy and give our children an abundant natural world and a chance to see themselves as a beautiful life giving thing in it. I know they all most all can only see themselves now as a plague on earth.

I Hope. Here is my unreasonable delusion: I hope.

Joel, Chapter 2 - The Bible
I will show you a people unique in their ferocity, like a flame of fire, where before them is a Garden of Eden. Behind them a vast, toxic. desert wasteland.

Revelations, 11:18
God should and will destroy all those who destroy the earth.

A tree is known of it’s fruit. A child of creator would even suffer pains of death to give life to creation. A child of the destroyer lives to enjoy and perform the destruction of it.

Finisia Medrano

Lemhi County Jail
Inmate Finisia Medrano
206 Courthouse Drive
Salmon. Idaho 83467

Finisia’s letter to Coyote Camp…
Seeking Counsel
August 21, 2008

To Coyote Camp and Friends,

I am writing to tell you that indeed I need your help. When I was in a state of extreme grief and desperation of loneliness, I felt that this walk back to these old ways might be engaged by others if those laws preventing us were somehow removed. I know my judgment was clouded with grief and hopelessness. Also, a sense of desperation born of helplessness.

What I want you to know is that I have never been so meek as to do what I am doing today. I have never truly been humble or even loved enough to trust any one very much. What I hope to do is put myself into the hands of the council of “The Round Dancers” and Coyote Camp. I would like to ask Coyote Camp and any who identifies with our purpose and shares our common goal to council together thru our website. It may be my actions have harmed our cause more than helped. I do not know, but I will trust those of you who love this fledgling movement to Council together and let me know how you all feel. I want to trust your good judgment and then do what you say and provide for.

There may be $2000 in legal expenses for my angry misdemeanors. There is now a Paypal account in the www.pullingforwildflowers.org website for contributions. I will be following through with my original plans to give up to the “authorities”. As one without home, money or transport, I can not pay fines or even fulfill the demands of a supervised, stationery probation. Further, I wish to continue in my own returning to the hoop with a much-lightened load for my horses.

I will forgo all of these plans and give myself to the will of your collective wisdom. If Coyote camp and “The Round Dancers” will council together, I will do as they decide and provide for, for I can do nothing without you all.

My grief is for the mother and the seven generations. My actions were born of hopelessness and my ineffective effort to bring to life this dying life way. My contrition is for the damage and hurt my actions may have brought to Coyote Camp. I put myself and future decisions in your hands. I hope you know I will need your answer and help to fulfill it.

I thank you for your council. I would like all of those whoever participated in any of our camps or “The Round dance” or any in those websites who have published our works to participate in this council to make these decisions for me and I thank you all.

I love you all,

Your Servant,

Grandma Finisia

An open letter to Judge Roos August 27. 2008
by Finisia Medrano - from the Lemhi County Jail

Judge Roos,

I grew up believing one person can make a difference. I am here to see if this is indeed true. I resisted in the encounter with the officers to precipitate my arrest. I do not know of or even have imagination enough to see how else I could address you or anyone else with enough power in the system to help me in my endeavor. I do not want to make enemies but I am doing all I can to meet with those who might be allies in what I hope to accomplish. I am not practiced in law or governance, so I expect this attempt looks rather like an infant trying to play piano, or worse.

I hoped, perhaps foolishly, that you and those gathered here could help to arrange meetings between myself and State and Federal agencies that have land holdings where maybe it would be allowed space for me to make the difference that I hope to make. I also hoped to stimulate my own camp to make greater efforts on behalf of the ideals that have brought us together in action.

I have watched all my life, 51 years, a devastation in all areas of the environment that I grew up in and have loved. I have seen a pernicious belief that the natural world was a bank of resources to be exploited as the true driving force behind this devastation. I have had no institutionalized education in the field of environmental studies, but instead have pursued an education in those native life ways that provided an abundant natural “Garden of Eden” as an inheritance to that civilization that destroyed those natives and that life way. That “Garden of Eden” has only suffered insults and extinction ever after.

I am convinced, that if allowed to return, these native life ways could return the biodiversity and mass that once existed here where monocultures of useless and dangerous non-natives are pervasive. I would like at least a chance to try where now many laws prevent even the least lawful attempt.

If I might have these meetings and in them be allowed some exemption from those laws, my friends and myself would like to prove our ideas. This is what I am here for. This is what I would ask of you, that is to help me meet with those who could help. I submit this to you with all sincerity, hoping to make a difference.

                                                                              Finisia Medrano

An open appeal to anyone who has ears to hear August 25. 2008
by Finisia Medrano - from the Lemhi County Jail

Who was it said he came to give life and make it abundant? Jesus came in the name of God and we know he was killed and not received. I come in my own name.
Will you receive me? I was born with a name that if interpreted means king.
At age 12, spirit came into my life like a great evil and made me Finisia, meaning The End or Last. I speak now not caring what twists any enemy may make my words to mean. Without vanity and with meekness of spirit and humility of heart, I will only speak those things that are true. I have eaten the red clay and washed in the smoke of the sage to purify myself to speak only the truth.

When Black Elk was old and saw from his hill all that had gone on in his life, he saw the life, hope and dreams of his people all dead. He saw the hoop broken and the center gone, the sacred tree of life here on earth dead. People protested this for the leaves were still green, they would not see where they had girdled the tree by killing these people and their way of life.

Now a century later life is failing all around you, still so few want to confess this, or their part in it. Black Elk, wishing to die with hope said perhaps deep in the earth maybe there is a small root alive and in time it could grow up to live again. Many white people make lies, talking about their Indian blood. I am Irish and do not want to make such lying boasts. Like these other whites the only Indian blood in me is that blood my ancestors spilled on the earth and plowed in to fertilize the crops that fed me. I have never been happy with this legacy and have worked most of my life to change this legacy. And so, if only for myself, I have.

You all know my efforts. You know words and money will not help when words are hollow and money is never enough, and it is for money all things are ruined. I tell you the truth, the mother needs many people to do as I have done and better. I do not speak vanity when I say that I am that small root trying to return. What happens to me is the fate of all life on earth, for if we can not live a life the earth can sustain, she will die at the hands of those who live life in unsustainable ways. Help me. Those who have destroyed this way are the same ones who need to resurrect it. Help me to live again. We need to return humans and human rights to this old way. Together we can make a good ending, if we don’t… ? I do not lie.

                                                                      Help me,
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Whatever happened to Tranny Granny’s website?


not exactly sure… think it was mostly just let to the wayside - you can follow most of her updates on facebook/youtube.


Finisia’s website pulling for wildflowers has been down for a long time, but there are many spinoffs.

Her facebook page is:

Her book is published and can be bought at: