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Please read through this page before becoming a member. If you have trouble creating an account, there are many spam prevention measures in place that can make different browsers not show certain spam windows. Try using a different browser.

When you post:

If you want to post here, of course consider whether or not it pertains to rewilding, but assuming your post passes that test, please also make sure it:

a) Tells your story
b) Asks a question
and please
c) Interpret other’s posts with generosity and empathy.

Unsolicited advice, or evaluations of other member’s “problems” (i.e. how they need to change, how you think they should live, behave, think, etc.) does not belong here. Honest, strongly expressed, and real emotions definitely do belong here, as long as they do no more than tell your story. We yell a lot here - we just do our best not to yell at each other.

A special exemption applies to anybody not on this board (particularly, civilization!). We can talk about how they need to change, and what problems they have all we want. Your parents, your neighbors, your boss, civ scum of all kinds Wink . The moment they join (god help me, even civilization…well, maybe not…hmm…hard call, that) they fall under the special and select care of our blessed haven of rewilding here.

Sometimes a member will specifically ask for advice; in that case, please offer it! But respect their wishes when they say they don’t need any more.

Before you start posting:

Please read the Online Rewilding Primer thread and consider lurking for a while before diving into posting.

We designed this forum to provide a forum for discussing rewilding and how to create rewilding communities. To learn how the members here conceptualize this, skim the boards, read past threads, and you’ll get the general idea.

If something falls outside of the rough (and perhaps a bit ambiguous) purview of Rewilding, please find another forum to post it in.

Posts with poorly matched subject matter, or that seem mean-spirited or ignorant of folks humanity here, moderators will shunt into the Humanure Bucket under House-keeping.

Your first Post:

You’ll need to introduce yourself in the introductions thread before posting elsewhere on the board.

A proper introduction should include your name, age, location, and a brief history. This site makes itself through your stories. Please share them. Tell us: what got you into rewilding? How did you find this site? How long ago did you begin to study these subjects? Etc. A good introduction, after a period of lurking the forum and reading the all of the links in the Online Rewilding Primer will really set you up for getting the most from this community, and contributing the most to it.

Ban Policy

This site does not exist for everyone. It exists for those who have begun the reading/mental change work and wish to contribute to rewilding. If someone begins posting and it becomes obvious they’ve ignored the guidelines above and post offensive/off topic comments, we will move their comments to the humanure bucket and ban them. We do not have time to walk everyone through our policies or our philosophy on a case-by-case basis. If the writing and conversations don’t speak for themselves, or you just feel too lazy to read everything in the Online Rewilding Primer, than please find another site that fits you.

[for those too challenged by adult conversations, newbies who just don’t “get it”, all the “free speech-ers” (quoting the US Constitution? I thought you called yourself an anarchist!), and those who just have very poor social skills:]


You don’t belong here. Don’t worry, it happens all the time. You don’t realize you’ve now entered the “other internet” - the one where we actually have conversations rather than arguments, feel excited about fully informing ourselves before typing, and enjoy supporting each other, rather than swaggering digitally.

Online Rewilding Primer

Would love to find a way to pin this at the top still.



Good to see this again Peter. Went looking for it a while back and was disappointed not to find it here for some reason. I’ve found it to be good general life advice! Cool graphic too :slight_smile:



the ‘online rewilding primer’ thread link is down. not sure if it moved or disappeared. anyone have a working link?


I’m pretty sure it’s gone. I actually don’t even remember what it was anymore. I think it was a link to Jason’s “30 theses,” the college of mythic cartography “best of,” and the first chapters of my book “Rewild or Die” when they were still blogs. I think the “primer” is now just the essays on the main page of I know we haven’t fleshed out the last few yet. I should get on that. Without wasting my time on facebook, maybe it’s something I will accomplish! hahaha.


How about: Online rewilding primer? Not all the links on it work anymore, though.