Online Rewilding Primer

What does “rewild” mean?

rewild, v; to embrace wildness; to return to a more self-willed state.

Or… a more complex definition:

rewild, v; to foster and maintain a regenerative way of life through hunter-gatherer-gardener social and economical systems; including, but not limited to, the encouragement of social, physical, spiritual, mental and environmental biodiversity and the prevention and undoing of social, physical, spiritual, mental and environmental domestication and enslavement.

Read Urban Scout’s (AKA Peter Michael Bauer) book on rewilding: Rewild or Die

What is Rewilding video: What is Rewilding? Building Resilience

Watch this video on Rewilding: Rewilding Local Food Systems

Jason’s The Tribe of Anthropik gave us 30 theses that go through the basics of how and why civilization is fundamentally degenerative.

Willem’s The College of Mythic Cartography takes us on a journey through reprogramming the way we see the world.

Kevin Tucker’s book For Wildness and Anarchy.

After reading the above you must read our POSTING GUIDELINES before applying for a membership.


[NOTE: The message below (note the original post date of 2008) was in response to a steady influx of folks stumbling across the forum and misunderstanding its purpose and culture. This hasn’t been a problem for a long time. Consider this encouragement to seek out the history of the forum, but assuming you’re familiar with why we’re here, there are no edicts to read any particular thing before posting. If you have any questions, please ask - that’s why we’re all here. -Willem, Dec 2015]

Everyone who wants to not just read, but actually POST on, needs to read and understand at least Jason Godesky’s Thirty Theses above.

We’ve had an influx lately of perfectly intelligent people who have a fundamentally flawed sense of the purpose of this particular forum.

We have not gathered here to debate fundamental tenets of how the current community here collectively sees rewilding, as embodied in the Thirty Theses.

If you disagree with them, then I suggest you find a more appropriate forum for your ideas.

I tend to want to err on the side of open discussion, but for the sake of the forum I’ve decided to reign that tendency in.

EDIT: Of course, many of you may have posted here for months perfectly fine, and I’ve never had to step in a thread and moderate. In that case, lovely! No worries! You understand this forum on a visceral level. Read or don’t read whatever the hell you want.

EDIT II: In further news, rather than delete them, I will move threads that poorly match the Rewilding theme to a special forum, the Humanure Bucket.

the last three links here are dead.

found the 30 theses here:

mythic cartography site is at least temporarily down. info about mythic cartography here (not sure it’s the same info originally linked to, but is at least related):

posting guidelines: Posting guidelines - read first