Paul Campbell Books


3 books that I highly recommend all by the late PAUL Campbell " Survival Skills of Native California " a deeply researched book from the field . The info can be applied almost anywhere. “The Universal Tool Kit " using rock wood and bone … again deeply researched with the user in mind. Paul’s last book. " Earth Pigments and Paint of the California Indians, meaning and technology” One of the most beautiful books I have ever seen with most full color pictures by Paul. I was lucky to have gone with Paul on many of his research trips in the field … quite frankly the mans info is genius . While his focus is in California it is more than helpful elsewhere. Paul lived with many bands still living the old ways and he mastered everything he writes about. no phony ideas or theory, just the real deal.

“Foraging California” by Chrstopher Nyerges . color plates etc… Many of these plants are found all over the country. this is a book by a man at the top of his game. very informative.

I believe these books can help any rewilders in need of real info.