Oldest known indigenous cultures


I’m currently doing a little amateur anthropology/history/theology study. Tracing certain themes, skills, etc from Africa to South America. But I’m bad at the internet and seem to have trouble finding the information I seek. So…help deducing the oldest known indigenous cultures of certain regions? Preferably those with largely still traditional surviving members OR some literature on their history. Though I know that might be difficult; with deeper history comes deeper mystery, thus part of the appeal. But any help would be appreciated!

Particularly these regions:
*East Africa/Great Rift Valley
*West Africa
*Central Africa
*North Africa
*South Africa
*East Asia
*West Asia/Middle East
*Central Asia
*North Asia/Southern Russia
*Northern Russia
*Central Russia
*Eastern Russia/Siberia
*Western Russia
*Southern Europe
*Northern Europe
*Central Europe
*Eastern Europe
*Western Europe
*Southern Canada
*Northern Canada
*Central Canada
*Eastern Canada
*Western Canada/Alaska
*Northwest US
*Southeast US
*Central US
*Northeast US
*Southwest US
*Central America
*Northern South America
*Southern South America
*Central South America
*Eastern South America
*Western South America
*Caribbean Islands
*Oceania Islands

Yes I’m aware that much of this information is probably nonexistent. It’s difficult to trace heritage back through time, much more knowledge is available about ancient empires than their ancestral tribes, and many members of even the oldest known indigenous groups have lost their culture. But it’s worth a shot!