New section for communities?


Hello All:

I’m new on the board so please excuse my ignorance… but I’ve looked around and not yet seen an appropriate place to post community information. In my case I’m interested in announcing information about our intentional community forming, but on a broader sense I’m interested in having a section to discuss community matters in general including the nuts-and-bolts of starting an intentional community, swapping suggestions and stories, and rewilding issues pertaining specifically to groups of people planning on rewilding together.

In my estimation it’s worth of having its own section, as community is a pretty central piece of hunter/gatherer existence (!) and I haven’t yet seen what I considered a proper place to post topics about it.

Again: very sorry if there already is a spot for community posting and I missed it.



Not at all. See the new board, per your suggestion, ‘Communities of Rewilding’, under Community Hearth. Thanks for your inspiration!



Thanks so much, Willem.