Name Anagrams


Slightly off-topic, but hopefully language-related enough to stand the scrutiny of moderators. :wink:

So for some odd reason that I can’t remember, I started searching for anagrams of my full name (first, middle and last), and came up with a few that I found interesting enough to share. An anagram is a word or phrase spelled by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. I played around with this online anagram solver.

In particular, I was looking for phrases that meant something, that felt associated to me. It’s interesting to be able to find phrases using up all the letters of your name, especially when those phrases can be revealing. Here are the one’s I’ve found so far (I’m not really comfortable listing my full name here where it will appear in google search results, but suffice it to say my first name is Nathan, nickname Nate). What’s really cool is that the best ones I’ve found kind of tell a story when placed in this order:

  1. The teen satan rebels.
  2. Has tent, enable trees!
  3. Tree-Nate less bent, ha!
  4. An earth beetle nests.
  5. Tree bashes lean tent.
  6. Nestle beneath tears.

So, what interesting anagrams does your name create (whether first, last, first and last, and/or first, middle, last)?


Sweet! ;D

–Reappear Grass Jinn, aka Reaper Grasps Ninja


Heh. “yarrow dreamer” gives:

  1. Area worm dryer. (Perhaps your duty amongst your rewilding community will be that of drying worms?)

  2. Ya drew armorer. (Aha, your second duty will be to be the armorer!)

  3. Ye marred arrow.

  4. Dare remarry? Ow!

  5. More dreary war.

  6. Yarrow ram deer. (yarrow dreamer, you ram deer? That’s… odd)



Ale I Pull On ;D

Allude Pail Neon …if only it was “elude” and “pale”

Meaning An End

Pagan Menu Nil

Ale Naming Pun

I had to use less than my full name, otherwise I got a lot of unusable things that sounded too similar. I have two middle names, one being long and very Danish.

My screen name comes up with nothing in English.


Eel Ere Lime Jerky

hmm, sounds… interesting. think im in the wrong bioregion for it tho’ ;D

Jeer Leek Merely I

hmm, “I am a Smart-Ass Leek”. Well, I can think of much worse things to be…

Eerily Jeer Elk Me

that’s right, elk do like to eat leeks, don’t they?

Meeker Ere Jelly I

I just can’t get the picture of Shrek saying “They’ll shave your livers, squeeze the jelly from your eyes!. Actually, it’s quite good on toast.” out of my head…



Abhorrence Backer. (hmmmm…)
Cracker Heron Babe. (Not the most PC of utterances!)
Bacon Bark Cheerer.
*Carbon Break Cheer! (or alternatively, Carbon Brake Cheer)
Carbon Bearer. Heck. (aw, shucks)
*Banker? Bah–Coercer!
Bar Brace: Neck Hero.
Back Ache Borne, Err…
*Back Acre Reborn, Eh?
Bark Bra Coherence. (doesn’t sound very comfortable)
*A Can-Be Herb Rocker

*my faves


Oh! I love “a can-be herb rocker”

I used my first and middle names. A disproportionate number of them had to do with toilets, evil, socialism, and erotica :P. I changed the word order of some so that they made more sense.

It relocates evil
Creates evil toil
Oscillate ever it
Eclair tile stove (yummy)
Laciest tie lover
Evillest erotica
Creative lie slot :-
Ace toilet sliver! (a strange kind of superhero?)
Celestial voter I
Clarities Eve Lot (I like this one; it sounds kind of Biblical. If only one of the T’s in my name was an F.)


Mmmmmm. Too bad eclairs aren’t paleo.

A disproportionate number of mine had to do with boners, bras, and cocks. Ack!! :o

A disproportionate number of mine had to do with boners, bras, and cocks. Ack!! Shocked

roflmao ;D


Well mine just turned out some darned eerie results. A sampler:

Dreamland View Sill
Admiral Winds Level (or Lewd Snivel)
Mallard Devils Wine (and Widens Evil!)
Wilder Mile Vandals
Wild Animals Delver
A Slaved Windmiller


elder wisdom = wild deer oms :o

my first and middle names make

  1. preacher ska
  2. spear hacker
  3. archer spake
  4. pack’s hearer (maybe ai’m a good listener?)
  5. a rapers’ heck (ai sure would like to torture those assholes >:()
  6. a sharp creek
  7. crash rap: eek! (afraid of a rap song about the crash?)


[quote=“BlueHeron, post:8, topic:983”]Mmmmmm. Too bad eclairs aren’t paleo.

A disproportionate number of mine had to do with boners, bras, and cocks. Ack!! :o[/quote]’

A bunch of mine started with “anal”, resulting in numerous disturbing combinations. :-\


Odd but then so am I
;D Harms Pinko Tits
??? Marsh Kit Pitons
:-\ Shark Mist Points
:smiley: Orphan Ski Mitts
:slight_smile: Potash Skin Trim
;D Moist Harp Stink
8) Sharp Ikon Mitts
??? Minor Paths Kit
:stuck_out_tongue: Harts Tipi Monks
:-X Moist Pink Trash


I had the same idea and checked out my full name a few years ago:

recalcitrant nomad

Needless to say I was very happy with that one ;D




I like picking up ancient threads…

And I very much enjoyed the internet anagram server just now, thank you!

My name’s anagram is “mythic find.” Not bad.

My 8yo daughter wanted to know what hers was too. A lot of options came up for her name, most of which didn’t make much sense. We decided we liked “fart itch heir” best. First I had to explain to her what “heir” means, and then we pondered “fart itch.”

Anyway, it’s easy to see how this topic relates to rewilding, isn’t it? Because it makes us laugh, and laughter has prehistoric origins…