My goose is cooked


Yes, that’s right. I bought a goose for the first time this holiday season. I know you are all dying to read about the differences between a goose and it’s chickeny cousins so here goes. The most obvious thing you see when you remove the wrapper is that the wings are huge. The breasts are fairly small, so I got most of the meat from the wings. The neck (unsurprisingly) is also huge. The second thing you notice is that there is much more fat and connective tissue on a goose than on a chicken or turkey. When I cut into it, I saw that the meat is very dark. The white meat is darker than the dark meat of a chicken and the dark meat is almost the same color as a piece of beef. It is much more flavorful than other types of poultry. The kids got a leg each and they loved it. Just now I put the bones, skin, giblets, and dripping into the stockpot with water and a splash of vinegar. Tomorrow, I expect to find a nice, gelatinous broth with a generous layer of rendered fat on the top. So overall, the goose was a success, but, at 70 USD, too expensive to buy on a regular basis.