Land for sale in southern Missouri?


Not sure if this is the right place to put this.

Let me start with saying I think it’s absolutely stupid that we have to buy land. In order to live with earth, water, plants, and other animals we feel a kinship with, we have to give intrinsically worthless money to someone who sees that land only as a thing. All because human are so overpopulated and there is no room to just wander as we choose. And we say cats and dogs, who we outnumber fourfold, are the ones who need neutered!

Okay, done ranting. Now I’m not sure if all real estate is required to be listed online, but I’m not very internet savvy, and I’d like to think there’s more for sale in Missouri than what I see on these websites. I figure asking around on here is worth a shot. So does anyone on here live in southern Missouri and know about any land for sale? We’re looking for at least 10 acres under $15,000, no house, power, or other amenities besides maybe a well. We might have a little more money than we think, but under $15,000 is definitely our goal. Thanks in advance for any help!