Probably. I was not in the last one, but i was in the others before. Anyway, i am veeery bad remembering names.


Hey folks, I haven’t been around here in awhile and I just wanted to say “Hi” again. I’m in Alaska these days…with a piece of paper that says I own land (not that I believe it, of course).

Hoping to start a fire there (literally and metaphorically speaking) and get back to some major rewilding (after three years of working for cash to pay for that damn piece of paper!). If folks are ever interested in visiting, and learning some Alaskan ways, shoot me an email. It may be a little while before things get really up and running, but once they do I’m always happy to have visitors.

Oh, and I’m writing some again, though not under the name redwolfreturns. Using my real name now. My blog is Hope folks enjoy it.

wild peace,


good luck with your inversion


Wow RedWolf! (or Glenn)

That sounds amazing…


[quote=“timeLESS, post:724, topic:67”]Wow RedWolf! (or Glenn)

That sounds amazing…[/quote]

Thanks! Right now it’s mostly intimidating…but exciting as well, for sure. :slight_smile:


Hello all, I have been following Urban Scout’s adventures for over a year now. The time between has been an attempt to rationalize how I fit into the big picture of the Earth’s fate. I still am contemplating this, but analysis has yet to put me into action other than to provide continuous support for organizations like Defenders of Wildlife and the Environmental Defense Fund on some issues and teach others about what it means to be sustainable.

I was once a member of the Derrick Jensen forum and then got banned for expressing too much frustration, disregarding how every user tried to help me overcome certain things. Had I not been banned, I still would be misunderstanding the use of even language as an abusive and unsustainable tool; I took people’s advice, but never returned anything back. What a terrible thing that was for me so insensitive to be doing!

There is no denying that a culture that requires an importation of resources from somewhere else everyday is unsustainable and I am actually quite surprised that the present day civilization has yet to cease to exist. I don’t exactly plan on completely rewilding mySELF, but rather continue to support these movements that makes rewilding a more feasible option. Though there are ways for me to enjoy life and music, in the end, MY life does not matter. I live to do what I must to make the world saner and die so that things were left better than found…

I will be spending my time here for the next couple months reading articles linked from and listening to what others have to say. I want to try and keep an open mind to anything that I believe I could be an asset to.

Good luck to everyone,

  • EMP


Hi folks. I first found this site a couple years back, and finally got around to signing up. My approach to “rewilding” lately involves nature connection (I’m in a personal mentoring program with Jon Young), and at his suggestion have been hitting sweat lodges pretty hard and will participate in a grieving ceremony later this month. I’ve been practicing ancestral skills for a few years, and devoted much of this year to a very deep exploration of medicinal plants and a largely raw food diet made up primarily of animal products (meat, fat, bone marrow, organs, etc.) I’m also getting ready for hunting season, which starts in a month or so.


Welcome! XD


Hello, I’m Chris. I stumbled on this site looking for alternative ways of storing meat, and kept reading when I found how to make soap. I’ll admit right off I’m not a re-wilder, and not likely to become one. I see the attraction, and I have nothing against it, just not my thing.

On the other hand, I’d have to be deaf, blind, and stupid not to see where this country seems to be headed. Skills such as I can learn from this forum may be in dire need in the near future. I’ll try to contribute what little I know, and be happy to learn whatever I can. I hope that’s acceptable.


Hey All,

Hey NotSoWild Chris,

I don’t have a problem with you “not being a rewilder”, as long as you follow the forum guidelines and do not argue points that we have already laid out in the forum primer, i.e. Jason’s 30 theses.


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’m Alex from Australia. A couple of years ago I watched the documentary “Earthlings” which is about how animals are treated and used in this culture, I was so shocked and horrified not even half way through and went vegan that day. I couldn’t understand how in our civilized society something that terrible could be going on. ::slight_smile: It was the first thing that put the thought in my head, that something is very, very wrong.

I came across the brilliant writings of Derrick Jensen and everything I read just clicked and made so much sense.

Growing up in a city leaves me with virtually no useful skills (besides reading and arts) but I’ll just do my best with what I have. My best friend is also very aware that civilization is bad, and is going to self destruct and destroy everything in it’s path. But she jumps between ‘going to do something’ and a kind of ‘ignorance is bliss’ or maybe to put it better ‘distractions are bliss’ state of mind.

I left school a few months ago (after reading “The Teenage Liberation Handbook” By Grace Llewellyn.) because really the education system is so stupid and soul sucking. Going to school while you’re totally against the whole way it works and the whole system in general is not fun.

Oh, and I’m not vegan anymore. Done a lot of learning since then.


welcome all the new ones.
hope we can see more movement in the forum, im also thinking about some new ideas for discussing


just a bit of humour
i hope nobody feels ofended


I’m Elena, 40, Mama of five, currently making camp in North Carolina. I feel a deep connection to the Earth and am constantly reconnecting on deeper levels with my true nature as an animal living on the thin crust of this lovely bluegreen marble. I hadn’t heard of rewilding until I found this site, but I feel like I’ve learned a new word to describe the path I’ve been on all these years.




Hi, I am vera, and my obsession is to find a way to bust out of Babylon. I grew up in central Europe, we still did a lot of gathering then, mushrooms and berries and pine needle tea and fir resin for chewing gum…

I live in SE Colorado now. Drought.

I am also into herbal medicine, and if anyone has come across info on how to make home made thyroid pills out of pig thyroid, I would love to hear about it.

I eat everything, including brains and cartilage and all. Kinda draw a line with squid because of the squishiness… but would eat it if I had to. Or grubs.

Glad this forum is back up.


Hey Vera,

Welcome to the forum!


Hi everyone, we are Ira and Rudi. We live in Europe. After 20 years on the career ladder, we both decided to leave civilization, industrialization, consumerism, a large house, 2 cars, a very well paid job and a nice pension behind us. We found a place where we want to plant the seeds of a new community. In 2012 we will both take the big step, and we hope that some people will join us. We realize that a real community will take decades or centuries to establish. We believe one of our biggest challenges will be to subordinate our individualism to the community.
I (Ira) love plants and I am a very enthousiastic forest / permaculture gardener, learning new things every day.
I (Rudi) have studied anthropology in a distant past, and apart from living with Ira, my best memories come from the period I lived with an indigenous tribe in Asia during the 80s.

Great forum! Thanks.


I should re-introduce myself too. 8)

I’m Peter. I used to go by the moniker Urban Scout, but I’ve outgrown that. By day I am a producer for an advertising company: I make internet and television commercials. Yikes! But by night I am a rewilder, and someday I aspire to leave behind the job I am caught up in and become a full time teacher. I live in Portland OR and am the Executive Director of Rewild Portland. I started this site years ago to find more friends with a rewilding mindset. I have loads more friends now, especially in Portland. I hope this site will continue to expand and encourage people to rewild or create rewilding communities in their own place. Looking forward to spending more time here this winter.


I’m the PaleoGardener. My real name is Kirk Hutchison. I live in Los Angeles, CA, and am trying to learn the Old Ways until I can fulfill my dream of living in the country. I am very much in to permaculture. Delighted to meet all of you wonderful people.


Welcome Kirk! Looking forward to hearing about rewilding down in Los Angeles!