Thanks, Peter. I’m excited to participate in this forum.


Hello, my name is Jesse, I’m a newly ex-college student living in the beautiful Pacific North West. I’ve been “lurking” about for a while now; decided it was about time to graduate from that phase.

I like to think the roots of my rewilding go back to when I was seven when I liked to make shoddy bows and arrows in my backyard, try to hunt squirrels, make shelters out of branches and pine needles, and dream of running away to “The Woods” (the name I gave a copse of trees huddled in the middle of my family’s suburban neighborhood block). I hadn’t heard the term rewilding until a few years ago when I discovered green-anarchism. I thought rewilding was a little bit crazy at the time, but my interest was piqued. I met some people, heard some talks, read some books, and one thing led to another and now here I am, approaching my one-year anniversary as an intern at Rewild PDX. Being able to learn from the other rewilders here in Portland is something I am very thankful and glad for. I look forward to participating in the conversation on this site!


Hey, I used to be on this forum and decided I should come back. My name is Chase and that was my handle before. I live in Orange County, CA and rewild through my ancestral culture, permaculture, and taking the occasional cue from different tribes than mine.


hello, thanks for having me here. my name is dan and i’m from vancouver, british columbia. i’m part of an informal music collective known as the filthy politicians ( rewilding has become an overwhelming force in my life and i couldn’t be more stoked on it. reading peter’s book directed me to this forum, and i look forward to learning and sharing with you.

much love



it turns out i read the ‘POSTING GUIDELINES - READ FIRST’…second…

so to complete my introduction, i am 26 years old. growing up in british columbia, i was always drawn to the north, and the wild places. although it wasn’t quite articulated when i was younger, the idea of being in a place that is largely absent of humans, but full of non human others had a powerful call. our family did a moderate amount of camping, but i really got into rewilding a couple of years ago when i read derrick jensen and daniel quinn, and then took a few courses at the tracker school. since then i’ve been taking other courses and engaging other experiences that help to build my community and my skills. music has been a big part of my rewilding journey. in the quest to decolonize my heart and mind, it lead me to a place where i felt the need to share my experience with others, and offer what i could in terms of support/encouragement/assistance/direction/solidarity with and for their own respective journeys. what i’ve found with music, is that it has the potential to engage people in ways that typical conversation, at times, cannot.

this looks like an awesome collection of folks, and it’s great to be here.

much love



Hello everyone. My name is Tim and I’m from Greensburg, PA - but currently living in Pittsburgh. I really enjoy hunting, cooking, hiking, camping, reading, gardening, traveling, etc.

I don’t have internet access so I probably won’t be as active as I’d like to be. I plan on reading a lot of threads before posting anything, but I thought I’d introduce myself.


Welcome new folks!

Dan, I think I’ve heard your collective’s music, and maybe even put a song or two on one of my mix CDs. Nice. From one Dan to another, good tunes!

Tim, I do hope you get here as much as you want. :slight_smile:


Hey everybody!

I started off on this forum years ago as “thunder thighs”. I left for a while because I felt myself needing a break. Anyhow, I’m back, I’ve developed much as an individual in terms of perspective and approach in this whole rewilding deal. I’ve learned how personal of a journey this is, which is really great. When I left I felt like I’d stirred up too much trouble, that perhaps the ideas represented here weren’t suiting to the direction I was naturally moving in. But coming back, it was fun to see that the topics I started were ones people still felt strongly about and were willing to discuss which was good to see, and I found as well that I am still very much a “rewilder” at heart. My thanks go out to Peter Bauer and Willem who both have unwittingly had a great impact on my life and it’s evolution in profound ways, and I extend a warm greeting to Dan as well (who I enjoyed scuffling with over the “white man” topic just before I left :slight_smile: ) . I’m not sure how engaged I’ll be here at first, maybe I’ll just lurk around and see what’s changed. I dunno.

It’s good to be back!


Welcome newbies and Welcome Back Paolo.


ᐳᔓ᙮ ᑻᕒᐨ ᓂᑎᔑᓂᑲᐢ, ᑐᕒᐅᐣᑐ ᓂᑕᔑ ᐃᐡᑯᓄ᙮ ᐅᑌᓇᐣᐠᓂᑎᔑᑕ ᓄᐣᑯᒼ ᓄᐱᒥᐣᐠᓂᐏᐃᔑᑕ ᒋ ᐱᒪᑎᓯᔭᐣ᙮ ᓂᑲᑵᓂᑕᐊᓂᔑᐯᒧᐏᐣ᙮

Hi. My name is George and I am currently studying math and biology at the University of Toronto. I have been lurking here for a while reading stuff (and even giving Peter the odd bit of tech support) and I am finally getting around to introducing myself here so I can post. “civilized” life has never made sense to me and I have always been drawn towards the wild places and to the old ways of living. For many years I have had a dream of escaping into the woods and living off the land in a traditional way.

Recently, my studies have disconnected me even more from civilization, answering some of my questions and bringing up new ones. I found out (with proof) that “civilization” really does have a foundation of lies and oppression and, barring time going into reverse or the laws of physics changing on us, that it will kill us all if it keeps going to the bitter end. Seeing this gave me a choice: either forget all about math and science, rewild, or lose my mind (a fate which has claimed the lives of many mathematicians who did not have the opportunity to rewild). I chose to start rewilding.

So far on my journey, I have been learning a lot, both trying to understand my current situation, the current state of the world, how we got here and what might happen next; and trying to learn how to escape and live outside of civilization. So far, that knowledge has consisted of not only a lot of math and science, but knowledge of the language culture, and ways of life of the Anishinaabe (the local indigenous people in my area) as well.

As well as learning, I have been trying to share my knowledge. I have introduces quite a few members of my department to the “nonsense” behind civilization and some of them have started on their own rewilding journeys. Eventually, I hope to find enough people to start a regular rewild camp here in Toronto.

I hope to post here often, but in the meantime, if you want to explain to a mathematician that civilization doesn’t have much of the future, try showing them the bit in blue, It convinced my TA last year.

ᒥᑵᐨ, ᑭᑲᐘᐸᒥᐣ᙮
See you guys soon.
George Steel

Why rewild the world?

A: “contents of planet (including life)”
K: “the sun’s light”
P = μ(K - dA/dt): “production”
G = d log P/dt: “growth”
G>0: “our civilized economy”
⇒ A → -∞
⇒ ∃ t s.t. A(t) = 0: “total extinction of all life”

It sure beats the alternative.


Hi everybody. My name’s Nobody, and I’m a 20 year old Northern-Virginian trying to wean myself out of my mom’s house and into the wild. I’ve always felt more at home in the woods than a house, but it wasn’t until I started using certain substances(more for psychonautic than shamanic purposes) that I really discovered how much I can’t stand modern society/civilization and all of its blind supporters. I’ve got Social Anxiety Disorder and before I found this site I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with me, not civ. For now I’m working at a boring, dead end job where most of my co-workers aren’t as bad as most “civilized” people and learning as much as I can about primitive living(basically just building up calluses). I forage a little bit and I plan on hunting(probably with an atlatl) and building a wigwam this summer, but good land(er…uninhabited land) is hard to come by, even out here in the middle of nowhere. Might not get much done anytime soon since I plan on going to college soon so my family will stop bugging me about it. I plan on majoring in chemistry(probably organic) but I can’t imagine what I would possibly do with the degree. Thanks for showing me I’m not crazy everybody :]


Welcome to the forum. Are you Nobody like the Emily Dickinson poem or Nobody like the Odyssey?


Both I guess, but more like the character Exaybachay from the psychedelic western Dead Man.


Dig your sig. FLA’s one o’ my favs.


I use the name Frankprimaltruth from first using “primal truth” from the importance I think of giving it. I believe in responsible living, and among other things have come to see it is not compatible with the general way of living with civilization. Frank is from a name I have generally used, Francis, with playing with the meaning “frank” which is what I want to be with primal truth. I am middle aged, and I live in southern California, and want to move to separation from urban living as fully as possible, even though it dominates this area, it does not exclude everything of the natural environments. It may happen in any place with sustainable living possible for human beings, I would desire it with others. But there is something further. I am Christian, I also agree that Jesus was contrary to establishment with a call away from that. I might have been interested in the reference to Jesus Radicals Now a Green Anarchy Outpost, but that is, frankly :), outdated, it does not work as a link, and any primitivist discussion has dwindled and no one responds now with interest in its pursuit, as I might like to see. I will follow discussion here more. But I have also started a blog for any wanting to see or take part in communication with my posts,


I thought I’d introduce myself first before posting and joining the discussion.
Hi. My name is Cyril, you can call me Cy if you want. I’m living and from MI. Just living a simple life with my girlfriend. We were planning to get married 3 years from now, hopefully. That’s all for now.

It’s nice to be here.


Hello. 50 year old woman living on 20 acres in the Texas Hill Country. I used to post on IshCon so I recognize some folks from there; Peter, Tony, Jason. I want to support rewilders and rewilding, and working on restoring and rewilding the little patch of land I’m on, replanting native edible plants and practicing small-scale permaculture near the house.

Looks like this place is pretty quiet but I’m enjoying reading old posts. I feel very encouraged by how far folks have come since the old Ish days. :slight_smile: You all give me a vision of the present and future.


My name’s Mikey P. or City C… I’ve been preferring City lately. I live in the city and try and rewild there and venture out into the woods often too, don’t have a car or anything so I am dependent on others for land and transportation. I am working on Rewild Ontario, and being a hunter-gangster rapper. Thank you all for having me here.


Glad you have you City. :slight_smile:


Hi folks,

My name is John, and I live here in Cascadia (what they call Salem, Oregon). I’ve had a membership here for a year, but this is my first post. I’m rediscovering forums after abandoning Facebook. I find forums more interesting and focused, anyway. I work a 9-10 hour regular day job behind a computer (print industry, prepress technician), so I need some kinda outlet to keep me sane during that time!

I’m probably older than the average person here (46), but I am healthy, fit, and young at heart. I spent a lot of time in my late teens - early twenties living somewhat wild for periods of time, and had formal training in the Southwest in wilderness survival skills.

These days I try to practice my skills when I can, and move towards turning my home into a little permaculture oasis. Just trying to keep it together until the impending collapse of industrial cvivlization. ;D