Of course , I had to pick on Urby here. Scout, I’ve been reading your blog fairly regularly now (congratulations on opening your school, by the way). I think you understand, even exploit, the irony of your position. I tend to be most critical of the people I look up to.

As to what I envision in the hunter/gatherer area, I finaly got it all typed up. I posted it in the Visions of a Rewilding Renisance section:

Thanks for the greeting folks,



Hi, my name is Enrico, 19, from Italy.

Until recently, I used to be the typical computer nerd. However, I’ve always felt that something was wrong, even if I tried to hide that feeling behind the latest pc game or star trek episode. When I was 16 I started to get interested in nature and history, but that interest was rapidly converted into more escapism (RPG, LARP, power metal, I even attended a medieval fencing course).

Last year I decided to take a deeper look into this matter and I found this website. It was quite enlightening. I have read The Thirty Theses, Rewild or Die, various articles and I’ve just ordered Endgame. Now that I’m no longer trying to escape the reality I can’t help but feel lost. I’ve no friends who share my interest in rewilding, my family wants me to finish my degree course in computer engineering even if I lost any interest in it, and I live in one of the most densely populated (and polluted) areas of Italy, far from any wild place.

I really want to rewild and help to save the world from civilization, but there’s so much to do that I don’t know where to start…

I am currently translating the Theses and writing Italian subtitles for “What a Way to Go”, hopefully this will “enlighten” some others. I’d like to be useful to this community. I have some computer troubleshooting, graphics and video editing skills and a pretty deep knowledge of the internet, let me know if I can help.


Hey Enrico !

nice to meet you. Im sure you can find some topics that will interest you here on the forum. There’s been quite some conversation going on over the years.

looking forward to hearing more from you.

take care


Hello fellow!

long time reader, first time poster.

My name is Sarah and i hail from the glorious pacific north west. I am currently residing in Orange, Texas, which is right on the south eastern border of Texas and Louisiana. why would i make such a grievous error in judgment (moving from a place i had a life, friends, and support… to… well… se texas) you might ask?

money and a job my friends. money and a job.

I am currently working at a nature center as an environmental educator, and for the most part, i enjoy my job. i would like to think that i am making a difference in the lives of the kids that i work with. its amazing how many of them dislike the outdoors, and ask when they can go home and play video games. i feel like i am struggling against this culture’s destructive current and am losing ground. there is the occasional wonderful child that listens, knows things about the world around them, isn’t afraid to play in the rain (seriously, kids here are AFRAID OF RAIN. if its starts to drizzle they all start clamoring to go inside… its strange to me…) and it’s these kids that make my day. some of them still see the details in life.

i was introduced to the term ‘rewilding’ about a year ago by my good friend, peter, aka urbanscout. it was refreshing knowing that i wasn’t alone in seeing how fucked up civ is and how there must have be a better way to go about things. knowledge of ‘rewilding’ as a movement/belief/culture thing/what have you hasn’t necessarily changed the way i look at the world, it has enabled me to give a name and more clearly explain my worldview to others.

leaving the PNW has been very difficult for me, and i feel very alone down here in the south. my roommate is semi interested in what i have to say, but in the end i think she would rather just go party and listen to the top 10 hip hop hits of the day, not think about the destruction of EVERYTHING and be happy rather than “being so sad all the time”. personally, i feel that i am very justified in my sadness for land, water, air, human and other than human entities alike… i can’t ignore all the fucked up shit that is happening around me…

if you live between houston and new orleans and are feeling similarly alone and without community, let me know and maybe we can drink yaupon holly tea and have a good ole fashion rant fest. i have some things i would like to get off my chest and i bet you do too.

ps - my cats are eating an avocado right now that they just dragged out of the compost… is that weird?

also… after re-reading what i have just written i sound like a bit of a downer. im buckets of fun usually… i promise.


LOL. Welcome Enrico and Sarah!


Hi, Enrico. I always thought Italy is nice, but I guess I have seen only the good parts. Its the same here in Germany. Are you writing the subtitles in conjunction with the makers of that movie or did you just go for it? I could provide subtitles in German, if there is need for that. I also did a lot or RPGs and medieval stuff ;). Congrats on reading the “thirty” - i am just halfway through, distracted by the other essays :wink: - BTW - the “anthropik” site changed name some time ago and it seems that the links to the graphics are lost - is there a version that is working or does someone know Jason to ask him to fix it?

Hi, Sarah. Sounds like an interesting job. I am always amazed at how detached kids are. I have some tales to tell, you probably have them too. Like kids not knowing if fire was real, if one could actually eat food cooked ofer a fire, sleep in tents and even if my dogs and a baby of a friend are robots! (That happened when we participated in medieval reenactment). They can be disgusted at milk from cows, wanting the one from the bottle in the supermarket instead (WTF!). Do your best to educate them :wink: . Talking of beeing a “downer” - I can be that sometimes, I admit. Not always though. But one time I ranted against civ with solid arguments long enough that the person I talked to finally started banging his head against the wall and said he cannot sleep now. It was kind of funny to see the effect of what I run through my head all the time on a person that never thought of it :wink:


Hey there, my name is Tim, more often Timmy, I am 23 years old and live in putnam valley NY. I’ve been an activist before I ever had much of a political consciousness, via my parents taking me to anti-indian point powerplant and anti-war demonstrations. I was raised vegetarian which I’m convinced is what sent my into a spral of drug addiction and depression (as well as hypoglycemia). I’ve since broken out of that cycle, partially due to holistic nutrition and the sheer weight of the responsibility my generation has in terms of saving the planet.
I guess the point I turned from liberal to radical was in 2003, when I attended the feb 15 anti-iraq war demonstration in new york city. I saw these thousands of people there, and on television saw the millions worldwide begging power simply not to kill innocent people. Of course te war went off without a hitch. at that point I realized that power is impervious to persuation. My ecological consciousness came much later after reading Revolutionary Ecology by Judi Bari. I found this site when I saw a video on youtube with urban scout and derrick jensen, and decided to look into rewilding futher. I was thrilled! I had no idea something so proactive existed! I ate up scouts blog and the thirty theses, baffled by the fact that jason isn’t a nobel laureate yet, ha! the college of mythic cartography is proving a little hard for me to wrap my head around, but I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. I’m not exactly sure of the time frame that I started to study rewilding, and the reason I haven’t joined this forum yet is because I’m rather shy and unsure of myself. I’ve just ostensibly started a Rewild Hudson Valley, I’m super excited about it!

Thank you very much,
love Timmy


Timmy, a big welcome to you. I grew up in PV! Would be great to hear more about the situation there these days. Although for the moment my home lies many many miles east. Please post a link for Rewild Hudson Valley!




that would be…

it’s not really a site yet, but it’s only a few days old and I’ve been very busy.




Hi, I go by Dan out here. I live in Pittsburgh, PA currently and have 27 years on me.

I blame Malcolm Gladwell for getting me into rewilding. In “The Tipping Point” he mentions Dunbar’s Number, 150 -maximum group size a human brain processes effectively- and I could see everywhere how this created the problems around me. I’ve always considered Native Americans more sane, though, so probably rewilding had to get my attention at some point.

Watching Avatar (embarrassingly :slight_smile: ) got me to look more into Dunbar’s number on Wikipedia, and a few links later I found Jason’s 30 Theses. I started reading Friday night, and by Sunday afternoon, could never again play my life-long favorite video game, Sid Meyer’s Civilization.

Now that I had all this free time, I’ve thought a lot about rewilding and collapse, and done some dirt time, which I’ve enjoyed. I find doing it on my own, I let time go by without doing much and don’t experiment as much, so look forward to talking and listening here, and with the people in my part of my bio-region.


Hi Dan,

i still play Civilization every now and then. I find it fun as a game, and it reminds me how horribly weird and effed up nation states are with their grand pretense and whatnot. Also i found Avatar pretty compelling as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you enjoy your stay on the forums here!


I have a hard time playing many games that I used to play now-a-days. Especially the strategy games, where the basic purpose is some type of world, or even galactic, domination.

Well come.


timeLESS, Fenriswolfr,
Thanks. Yeah, I like strategy in games, but I wish Sid Meyer would come out with Tribalization :slight_smile:


Welcome Dan,

I know how you feel, I too, am a great lover of civilization… the game. I actually think that it brought all the hidden premises of civilization to the fore front of my mind, so that later in life all of the critiques of civilization just made sense. And I still play it from time to time but eventually get bored. I’m talking about the original though. I have to use DosBox to boot it on my mac, but it’s so worth it. I wish there was a game like “tribalization” lol. I am also a huge fan of Settlers of Catan which is basically like a simplified board game version. I keep trying to brainstorm a way to play the game backwards.


My name is Billy. I’m in western Canada. I was here a couple of years ago. There are a lot of my posts still on here from back then that will tell you a lot about me.


Hi Billy,

Welcome again


Hi there,

My name is Isaac. I live on 40 acres of prairie and creeks in eastern Washington state. Slowly, I am trying to learn how to live more simply, and someday, disconnect from the system.

I work as a web developer and 3D modeler, but I would love to find something to do that is simpler and more tangible in the real world.

I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and I take my faith very seriously. Eastern Orthodoxy is a very mystical, rich faith - and I am excited about seeing how rewilding can blend into the deep well of Orthodoxy.

Fortunately, I live relatively close to Portland, so I hope to attend some of the Trackers PDX classes. We will see.

For a disjointed and confused view of my interests all jumbled into one place, visit my blog at

Alright, I look forward to interacting on this forum.



Hey Ike,

Welcome to the forum! Interesting about the christian thing. Please start a thread about that!

Also, what brought you here? How did you get into rewilding? What are your goals with it? What do you want to get out of this forum? Looking forward to hearing more!


I have been interested in the outdoors and “survival” since I found a book by Dean Olson called Outdoor Survival Skills. I was probably about eleven. Then I became acquainted with Tom Brown, and I read almost everything he wrote. I found out about the “rewilding” movement recently, from the Urban Scout and Trackers PDX websites.

My goals are to use this information to better prepare myself so that someday, I can unplug. I am working, slowly, to cut back on time spent on the internet, to grow a bigger garden each year, to learn how to hunt and fish, to build structures using alternative, sustainable materials, and to explore all the amazing wild plants in my area. I hope to continue this learning until I can just let go of modern society.

I think that this forum can help me network with people who are also wanting to simplify their lives. We may not agree on everything, but we will share the common angst of questioning the status quo, and wondering if there is something that goes beyond the consumerist, materialistic world we live in - something that approches reality.