Greetings all… thought I’d de-lurk and add (hopefully) more beef to the community.

I’ve been hanging around observing your circle of primitivists since last autumn, like some kind of philosophical pervert. Finally announcing my presence seemed like the decent thing to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Rewilding as a concept is relatively new to me, I’ve been aware of it for less than a year. But it holds my interest, and the primitivist worldview is the only one I’ve encountered that I don’t find gaping holes in. It’s kinda been at the centre of a massive idea-reshaping process I’ve had in the last year. Before that, I believed 100% in the sustainability and virtue of civilisation, and was nothing short of dogmatic in my zest to build on it. It’s been quite a change since then…

I find myself suddenly lucky to have gotten this far (I’m 20) with so few bureaucratic/financial obligations, my current freedom from which makes the whole idea of rewilding that much more feasible. Granted, it’s more a result of my confirmed dropout status rather than any conscious wisdom, but I’m never one to turn down a hidden blessing…


Pleasure to have you with us. We could alway use more minds. Thank you for joining. Hope you get something out of this–I do.


Hi, I’m another portlander but Im from the east coast and I move back and forth a lot. I’m into primitive skills, being cheap, bikes, beer and daydreaming about collapse.


“being cheap” haha. Nice.


I like to salvage too sometimes :wink: Nice to have you.


Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, and I’d like to give a nod here to Scout for making this forum possible.

It’s hard for me to write a long introduction, so in summary:
My name is Kiliii Yu. The name Kiliii was revised by a man I consider an elder, Jon Young. It was originally in a different form given to me by another elder and mentor, David Jagamarra of Alice Springs, Australia. Today I consider also Margaret Mathewson and Lynx Vilden to be my mentors.

My ancestry is part native to the Amur River bordering Siberia and China, as much as 3/4 or as little as a quarter. I am also part mainland Chinese. It is very difficult to know these questions of ancestry today. Even so, I have been walking the road to indigenous relationship with the land and community for eight years now.

I am responsible for Dancing Hawk Native Lifeways, an Aboriginal Lifeways school here in Portland. In the past we have run long-term primitive trips, and this coming fall I will be restarting our internship program (

I am also very dedicated to the Chee Siwash Community (, a Portland Aboriginal Lifeways community that is just now finding its feet. I am very proud and feel very blessed that of all the places in the United States, only greater Portland region and possibly Asheville, NC, have communities of people actual practicing primitive skills and aboriginal lifeways. So to those few people like Scout and Willem who have been instrumental in establishing a base for our community today, I am thankful.

Good to talk to everyone here.




Hey Kiliii, good to “see” you here!


Ando,21, here in Southcentral Alaska writing from inside my igloo :wink: (Actually that’s not a bad idea, maybe next winter).

I’ve been a primitivist my whole life but didn’t realize it until last summer. Damn, civilization kept the truth from me for 20 years. I swear I always knew though…

Anyway that’s just primitivist theology(is that the right word?). I’ve for many years practiced primitive skills growing up hunting in the Alaskan wilderness. Other skills like friction firemaking, hide tanning(haven’t brain tanned yet), flintknapping, bowmaking, making shelters, and natural food preservation I’ve done with varying degrees of success. I still have a helluva lot to learn, but I think I can provide a little advice and info as well.


hi my name is nicole (don’t remember how i came up with grill, i think it was when i accidentally spelled girl wrong a long time ago, anyway no one really calls me that just i do in my head) i am excited about this forum and a little nervous about falling into the neverland that is the internet…but there is so much information here, yay!! i am in love with the idea of rewilding i don’t have a lot of primitive skills (yet) but i enjoy daydreaming about the collapse of civilization and how i might kick the ass of imperialism…hmmmmmm?? :o
i am a student of plant medicine living in portland, i walk dogs for money and spend lots of time gardening, making tea and medicine and need advice on the tipi i am going to build in my backyard this summer. thanks for setting this up, i am grateful


Hey nicole, welcome to the forum!

Let me know what kind of advice you need for the tipi. I may know something… Not much, but something.


I enjoy this forum tremendously and use it regularly as a news source and place to chat with like-minded people. I love this site and you all. Thanks for all your support. I’ve known about decivilization for the last seven years and still have hope that it helps save the world and makes me happy:) I love the description or meaning and word you came up with: rewild.


Thanks Dedomesticator!

I didn’t come up with term Rewild… I stole it! Mwa ha ha!


I also go by the name “Decivil” for short. “Deciv” some may try to call me, IDK, I can see that working. Like if one doen’t want an odor one may try using a "de"odorant…something(s) that work to get the smell away… The workings of decivilization one may say gets civilization away… Decivilizing the mind and body (and take it beyond to the world out side of just one) decivils civilization away one may say… I say it does for, me and others.


In addtion to the already stated synonomes for the word and process rewild: decivilization, decivil, deciv, decivilize, a Hohokam’s outcome, “going tribal”, “a New Tribal Revolutionary”, unsettlize.


In the Native Studies field, I’ve heard a lot of Native authors and activists refer to it as “decolonizing” their minds. Perhaps for Europeans, we differ only in that civilization colonized us longer ago (though this implies also a more thorough colonizing/civilizing/domestication process…and I’d definitely have to agree…).

In a sense, “colonizing” brings in the whole viral nature of civilization, as the memes of civilization “colonizing” other cultural bodies.


I’ll colonize you if you’re not careful.


Thanks for bringing to the table “decolonizing”, Willem and Natives. I think I heard about that word before, but totally forgot about it. Well, anyway, I have to go, I have some other decolonizing to do somewhere else now. Better watch out, Scout…I might decolonize you next :-.


Eww colon-ize. I never thought of it that way before. Next thing you know we’ll start rectumizing countries.


Like that joke “Rectum? I hardly knew 'em.” Except for the colon-izers it was “Rectum? Well, they weren’t really human so who cares.”

To quote Disney’s unhistoric account of the colonizing of this land: “Savages! Savages! Barely even human.”