Intentional Community


Anyone interested in starting an intentional Rewilding community.


Sounds intriguing, but I’d need more details. Do you mean in-person or another online, virtual community like this forum?


Yeah, I mean in real life. Finding a location. Starting a community which tries to Rewild; or, my personal opinion is that it would be best to try to reconcile our evolution with technology. Perhaps some kind of tiny house community or something… Community is an essential component of a healthy individual. Like much of modern society, community today has become corrupted.


It is what I look for. It will need to be with others thinking alike in things, who can live with each other, with commitment to their community for it to continue working, the way communities of humans have worked before. It will need to be separate enough from civilization to become independent of it, after some transition time which should be minimal. And it will need to be with those in it seeking the full sustainable way of living that they can happily live with, valuing that which would involve simplicity in living apart from civilization, much more in harmony with natural environments without harm to them. It will need those seeking it together to be in communication with one another.

The issues from civilization in this world are very serious, with those in it having excess in living that becomes expected that we don’t really have to have, while the natural world is severely compromised from that.


It is something I have considered and is something I am interested in. However, I am wary of committing to something that might fall apart. Details would be needed to understand how the group intends to handle conflict both within the group and with the outside world.